How to Build a Platform Bed Frame

What You'll Need
Platform bed plans
Wood: 3/4 inch plywood, 2 by 4s
Measuring tape
Saw for wood (power saw)
Wood filler
Wood stain or wood sealant
Wood screws

The platform bed frame design dates back to the ancient Egyptians who used this type of bed to raise the mattress off the ground. Platform beds are a money-saving option, they are easy to build and usually require only one mattress; although you can use a box-spring if your platform is low enough to accommodate the height. You can use a futon style or foam mattress as the solid platform beneath the mattress provides the extra support which in turn eliminates the back aches you can get with a sagging mattress. You will find that the mattress will not sag or make the creaking noises that you get with a mattress and box spring. A platform bed can be built with or without the storage beneath the bed, and with or without a headboard and foot board.

Step 1 - Decide on the Features

Do you want a headboard? Do you want a footboard? Will you be placing a barrier or rim around the outside of the frame to keep the mattress from sliding? Will this be a twin bed, a queen bed or a king bed?

Step 2 - The Size

Once you have decided on the size of platform bed that you will be building, you will need to add 4 inches to the length. If you are adding an edge around the frame, you will need to add the width of the edge wood that you will be making to the width of the bed, plus a little extra so that the mattress is not difficult to place in the frame. Otherwise use the width of the mattress. For the height of the bed, take the height that you want your bed to be and subtract the thickness of the mattress from that measurement. That will give you the height of the platform.

Step 3 - Building the Platform Bed

Using the 2 by 4s that have been cut to the length and width of your bed frame, you will need to drill holes in the ends. Put the 2 by 4s together using the pre-drilled holes and the wood screws to make a square bed frame. Use the square to make sure the corners are completely square. Sand the frame until smooth, then wipe off any excess dust from the sanding process.

Add some support with 2 or more of the 2 by 4s that have been cut to the inside width of the bed frame. The more supports you put in, the more support you will have for your bed and frame. You should place the supports spaced evenly for the length of the bed frame.  Pre-drill holes on the outside of the bed frame where you have located your supports. Use wood screws that are long enough to go through the frame and into the supports to attach the supports to the frame.

Place the sheet of plywood on top of the supports and drill holes where you will be attaching the plywood to the frame. Using wood screws, attach the plywood to the frame.

Step 4 - Finishing Touches

Use the wood filler to fill the holes where the screws are located along with any seams that need to be filled. At this point you have the option to build and add a headboard and/or footboard, storage to place beneath the frame, legs or casters to the frame. Stain or seal the wood according to the manufacturer’s instructions.