How to Build a Plexiglass Display Case

What You'll Need
Plexiglass sheets
Power drill
Spirit level
Nuts and bolts
Tape measure
Metal brackets
Notepad and pencil
Felt tip pen
Masking tape

A plexiglass display case can be a useful addition to a home since it allows you to conveniently store and exhibit a range of items. By following a few simple steps, you will be able to undertake the work required to construct a display case to be proud of.

Step 1 – Design

Begin the process of building your plexiglass display case by creating a design to determine the dimensions. In addition to the items that you intend to store in the case, you must take the area where it will be placed into account so that the size is appropriate. Think about fitting shelves at different heights to give you some variety in respect of the clearance space. Draw up a design that includes measurements so that you have a plan to work from when purchasing materials.

Step 2 – Preparation

To avoid the need to undertake any cutting, obtain sheets of plexiglass that have been pre-cut to an appropriate size. Gather all the materials required before you start work and make sure you have a clear area in which to work. If the plexiglass comes with protective film stuck to it, leave this in place until the plexiglass display case is completely assembled.     

Step 3 – Dry Fit

Lay out the sheets of plexiglass that will make up the sides and back of the plexiglass display cabinet. In accordance with your design, measure and mark the point where the shelves will rest with a felt tip pen. Continue with this process on each of the inner surfaces of the case. Once complete, dry fit the pieces together with masking tape to test whether it can be assembled as you want it.

Starting with the back of the case lying flat and position one of the sides in place before doing the same with the top and other side. Attach the masking tape to the outside surface and lay the sheets out flat again once the tape is in place. Insert the shelves where you want them to be and use a spirit level to ensure that they are straight.      

Step 4 – Assemble

Once you have confirmed that the plexiglass display case will fit together properly, begin assembly by drilling holes that will accommodate the bolts to hold the bracket. One small corner bracket midway between the center and each end of the edge will usually be sufficient.

Dry fit the bracket and mark the spot where the hole will be drilled by lightly boring with a screwdriver. Use a slow speed setting with the drill and take your time. After screwing the bracket into place on the edge of one sheet, lay the side flat and hold the next sheet against it at a right angle as you fix it in place. Remember that the head of the bolt must be on the outer surface. Fit the top and shelves of the plexiglass display case to one side before attaching the second side.