How to Build a Portable Ice Fishing Shelter

What You'll Need
2 x 4 Lumber
Plywood Sheets
Tape Measure
Jig Saw
3 Inch Screws
3 Inch Nails
4 x 4 Posts
Door Hinges

An ice fishing shelter is more than a luxury when out on the frozen lake, it is a necessity. With a sturdily constructed ice fishing shelter you are protected from the cold and wind that accompanies fishing in the winter. Many ice fisherman have elaborate ice shacks which include heaters, built in beds, and even dining tables. Building an ice fishing shelter is an easy project, but does require some time. 

Step 1: Build Frame

Cut the 2 x 4 lumber into four foot sections. You will need to have eight of them. Build two different 4 x 4 foot squares with four of the 2 x 4's. Nail them together in the corners with the 3 inch nails. Cut two more pieces of 4 foot 2 x 4 and nail them in the middle of each frame. They will act as a brace for the top and bottom frames. 

Step 2: Build Sides of Ice Fishing Shelter

With the top and bottom frames built, you can start on the sides. Cut four 2 x 4 pieces to 6 foot lengths. Nail one to each corner of the bottom frame. They will be located on the inside corner of each frame and flush with the bottom edge. Attach the top frame to these boards in the same fashion. Make sure that the top of the boards are flush with the top edge of the frame.

Step 3: Put Top on Shelter

Cut a 4 x 4 foot piece of plywood and attach it to the top with 3 inch galvanized screws. Make sure that the sides of the top are flush with all of the edges.

Step 4: Install Floor of Shelter

Cut another 4 x 4 foot section of plywood to act as the floor of your shelter. You will need to use a jig saw to cut out the notches for the uprights of the sides. Install with 3 inch galvanized screws. 

Step 5: Install Sheathing of Shelter

Use six foot sections of 1/2 inch thick plywood and attach them to the sides of the ice fishing shelter with 2 inch galvanized screws. These sections should be mounted flush with the edges of the shelter. Cut 4 foot sections of 2 x 4 and install them across the inside of the plywood to act as bracing. There should be two on each side.

Step 6: Install Window

Locate an area of the ice fishing shelter where you would like a window installed. Cut 2 x 4 sections to act as a header and a sill and install with nails. Cut out the plywood section and install the window. 

Step 7: Cut Door

Cut out a section of the plywood to act as a door. Attach some hinges on the top and bottom of this door and secure to the side of the shelter.

Step 8: Cut Hole for Fishing and Attach Skids

Draw a 10 inch circle in the floor of the shelter and cut it out with the jig saw. Cut 4 x 4 posts to lengths of 4 feet and attach to the bottom of the floor frame. This will act as a skid for towing the shelter across the ice.