How to Build a Simple Sauna

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  • 4-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 300-3,000
What You'll Need
2 x 4 frames
Pre-build sauna
Plumber and an electrician
3 vents
A window
A door

Having your own sauna has plenty of advantages. Not only would you be able to relax in the comfort of your own home, but you will have a few stress reducing advantages at your hands as well.

Step 1 - Design How You Want to Build Your Sauna

You can either choose to purchase a pre-built sauna or you can put one together in a small amount of time.

Step 2 - Determine the Location

Determine where you want to build your sauna and how you want to design it. Also, you will have to choose what kind of stove to use. You can either choose to build an electric one, a wood-burning stove, or a gas stove. The type of stove would determine where you live. A wood burning stove is excellent to have in a rural area and an electric or gas stove would be a good stove to have in the city.

Step 3 - Hire a Plumber/Electrician

Electrician testing some wires

Hire a plumber and electrician to help wire your sauna. You don't want to improperly wire it and cause further damage.

Step 4 - Find an Open Space

You will need an area that has at least 45 square feet of open space. Make sure that open space you are using will not cause a safety hazard.

Step 5 - Begin Building Your Sauna

To begin building a sauna you will need four walls and a ceiling. It should be made out of 2 x 4 frames. Cedar or softwood is a good material because both types of wood are the most conducive to heat and can withstand the elements in the sauna.

Step 6 - Apply Insulation

Apply a three-inch layer of fiberglass to the inside of the walls. This will serve as insulation. Make sure to leave space for a door and for three vents. Locate a vent above the heater to help air out fumes. The base should place another one.

Step 7 - Connect the Walls

people lounging in a sauna

Line the inside with unfinished cedar. This will help fight away bacteria. Now you can connect the walls. Make sure to cover any open nail heads.

Step 8 - Install a Bench

Install a bench that exists at both ends and in the middle of the sauna. The bench should be made out of strong enough wood, never use metal because the metal can become too hot with the heat in the sauna.

Step 9 - Add a door and a Window

Now you can add a door and a window.

Step 10 – Add the Heating to the Sauna

Install stove units that contain hot metal wire. This will be connected to a basket. Igneous rock will be placed here, where you will pour water over them. A stove size ratio should be one kilowatt for every 45 cubic square feet.