How to Build a Propane Fire Pit

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Spray paint
Garden rake
2x4 Frame lumber
Carpenters level
Concrete tamper
Concrete Trowel

A propane fire pit is an ideal place for your family and friends to enjoy outdoor activities while preparing a barbecue. You can use one of these pits safely, without the cost and effort of hauling in wood for a wood fire pit. What's more, you don't have to be concerned about starting and dousing your fire. Simply turn on the gas to begin your barbecue, and when finished, turn it off. Here's how you can build your own propane fire pit.

Step 1 – Preparing your Pit Area

Use a long measuring tape and a can of white spray paint to designate the part of your back yard where you'll want your fire pit. If your pit will be in your back yard lawn, you'll need to decide what you'll do with the soil and sod you remove to make room. Also, you'll need to check with local utility companies to locate utility pipes or lines that may be buried.

Step 2 – Digging Your Pit

Decide whether you will dig the pit, yourself or whether you will hire someone with a backhoe. If you choose the backhoe route, you'll need an entrance for the backhoe to get into your back yard. Once you have removed the sod and soil, smooth out the surface of your pit with a garden rake and shovel. Be sure the surface is smooth and level. Remove any large rocks, tree roots, or other debris you dig up.

Step 3 – Building Your Frame

Cut 5-foot pieces of 2X4s and fasten them into a square frame to be used for your concrete slab. Use a carpenters level to be sure the frame is level. If necessary remove or add soil. Lay rebar on the ground within the frame.

Step 4 – Pour Your Concrete

Pour your concrete into the frame you've made. Use a shovel or hoe to spread and even the concrete until it fills all the space in the form. Use a tamper to remove any air pockets in the concrete. When the concrete is filled level with the top of the form use a screed to smooth the concrete surface. As the concrete sets, use a trowel to finish the surface, then allow the concrete to set up. Install a propane regulator and run a copper tube to it from your propane tank, then connect the tube to your regulator.

Step 5 – Install Concrete Blocks

On top of your concrete, lay a bottom course of concrete blocks, then lay your cap blocks in place on top, using mortar and trowel.

Step 6 – Install A Stone Wall

Using mortal to bind your wall stones together, build up a stone wall against the exterior side of your concrete block course with manufactured stone. Lay a stone cap on top of the concrete and stone walls, using mortar to seal it.

Step 7 – Connect Your Propane Tank and Regulator

To the copper tubing you installed, connect your propane tank. Fill the pit with stones or lava rock, then add artificial embers or logs.