How to Build a PVC Gazebo

What You'll Need
10 foot long 2-inch diameter PVC poles (8)
2-inch diameter PVC poles matching the roofs length (8)
Post hole Digging tool
PVC cement or adhesive
Stakes (8)
Measuring tape
Octagon roof top (dimension based on your garden space)
Concrete mix
Power drill
T-connectors (8)

A PVC gazebo is a PVC roofed pavilion structure that can be kept in parks, garden, spas or other public places to give shade. Gazebos are generally open on all sides with octagonal roof to provide shelter, shade and aesthetic appeal to the place where it is built. You can easily build a PVC gazebo for your garden as PVC is light and can easily be fixed with adhesives and screws for anchoring.

Step 1 – Determine Dimension

Using the measuring tape, find the dimension of the free area you want to use in your garden for having the gazebo shelter. Based on the area, purchase an octagonal shaped gazebo roof.

Step 2 – Assemble the Roof Top

Follow the instructions given by the gazebo roof manufacturer and assemble the roof and lay it flat on the ground. Position it perfectly in the place where you have chosen to build your PVC gazebo. Mark the eight corners of the octagonal roof with stakes.

Step 3 – Prepare the Poles

Measure the distance between the eight corners so that the PVC poles required for the top frame of the roof can be determined and purchased accordingly. Dig holes of at least 2 feet deep in all the eight markings or corners.

Step 4 – Assemble Top Frame

Assemble the eight top PVC poles to get a top frame. For this, you should apply cement on one end of the top PVC poles and leave them to dry. Insert that end of the pole to one T-connector and make an octagonal shape in such a way that the third end of the T-connector faces upwards.

Step 5 – Insert the Holding Poles

You will have to apply cement to one end of the 10-foot long PVC poles and connect each of the eight 10-foot long PVC pole to third end of each of the T-connectors. Let the cement or adhesive to dry after which you might need the help of an assistant to lift the entire frame.

Step 6 – Prepare the Holes

Fill each hole with gravel and fill it with concrete mixture. With the help of an assistant lift the gazebo frame and place it vertically with each pole in a hole and adjust it so that it become flat and vertical.

Step 7 – Attach Roof

Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the gazebo roof and attach it to the top frame of the gazebo. Check to see if you have fixed them tightly so that the PVC top would not be blown away by the gusty winds.