How to Build a Rabbit Cage

What You'll Need
Plastic feet
Chicken wire

Having a rabbit can be a pleasant experience, but the cost of buying a rabbit cage can make many people unwilling to purchase the animals. The rabbit cage can be very costly, but you should be able to make a suitable one yourself without costing the earth. The materials are not too expensive, and the time which you spend making the cage will not be too long. Making a rabbit cage yourself will allow you purchase a rabbit without having to fork out a great deal of money. Whether you are building the rabbit cage inside or out, you will need to know how to install it properly.

Step 1 - Outside or Inside

When you are looking to build a rabbit cage, you nee to consider whether you will be keeping the rabbit inside or out. If you are building a cage for indoors animals, then you will need to make the cage larger, and have more space for the rabbit to move about inside. If you are placing your cage as part of an external hutch, then you won't need to have so large an area, although you will need to have a reliable exit from the cage so that the bunny can get in and out of the cage easily. Decide what your rabbit requires before you start building the cage.

Step 2 -Design the Cage

The rabbit cage comes in a number of different designs and shapes, so if you are about to build one you should carefully consider where it will be installed. Fitting the rabbit cage into a  room could affect the size of the cage, and it could also affect where you place the cage. Most cages are L shaped, with a litter area in the shorter leg of the L, or an octagon shape with the litter area in a corner. Calculate how large you need the cage to be to comfortably keep your rabbit in.

Step 3 - Build the Cage

Once you are ready, you can begin by cutting the wire. Make a small rectangle shape, which will fit into the door of the cage. Cut the wood so that you have three long pieces of wood, usually between two and three feet in length. Cut two shorter pieces, about a foot in length, which will form the sides of the cage. Now cut a piece of wood about 2 feet long. Join these lengths and sides together to form a rectangle, with one side missing a foot. Use two of the longer lengths to form the top and floor of your cage.

Step 4 - Make a Door

With the cage roughly built, make a hole in the short side which is large enough to take one of your pieces of wire. Screw it into position, making sure the screws are in the wood, not poking out the other side. Make a longer piece of wood, and place it in the hole on the short side. Add hinges, so that this becomes the door. Add a latch connection to keep the rabbit inside.