How to Build a Recessed Medicine Cabinet Part 1

medicine cabinet
  • 8-12 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 300-600
What You'll Need
Electronic stud finder
Measuring tape
Keyhole saw
Safety equipment and garments

Having a recessed medicine cabinet in your bathroom has become an important accessory for storage and decorative purposes. The larger the family, the more medicines, health, and beauty products are used and need to be stored. A medicine cabinet is ideal for providing such storage space while being safe since it will be out of reach of children. It is relatively easy to build a recessed medicine cabinet yourself if you follow these guidelines.

Draw the Design and Take the Necessary Measurements

First, you have to decide on which wall you prefer to have the medicine cabinet. In this way, you can decide how large or small it will eventually be and plan it out by drawing the shape you would like it to have in relation to shelf placements and sizes. This will depend on the space available and on the average size of bottles and other packages you shall be stored in it.

Locate and Mark the Studs in the Wall

It is crucial to locate the studs in the wall where you would like to have the cabinet. This will obviously have a direct effect on where you can cut. It is recommended to use an electronic stud finder so as to make sure that you locate the studs. The stud finder will either flash a small light or make a beeping sound when it passes a wall stud. For better security, since this would be a recessed medicine cabinet, you should mount it to wall studs. Find the center of the studs and mark their location.

Cut the Wall Where Marked

Draw the medicine cabinet’s layout lightly on the wall and then move on with cutting the wall. This is best done using a keyhole saw. Make sure you follow the lines carefully and accurately. Being linear is crucial so as to manage to slide the medicine cabinet nicely inside the area and achieve neat results. Wear safety equipment in the process, such as gloves and goggles. This is also important while cutting wood.

Start Cutting the Wood For the Medicine Cabinet

Now that you have prepared the foundation of where the medicine cabinet will be placed on the wall, you can start to actually cut the wood to create the cabinet itself. Select a type of wood that is easy to cut and work with. Use the sketch you drew previously to start cutting the wood for the parts which will ultimately make up the medicine cabinet. It is best to mark faintly with a pencil what each piece will serve, such as the base, the top part, the sides, the upper shelf, and so on. This will help you when assembling all the parts together later.

By following these steps you are practically halfway through building your own recessed medicine cabinet. Continue to Part 2.