How to Build a Recessed Medicine Cabinet Part 3

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What You'll Need
.75-inch thick wooden board
2 hinges
Magnetic latch
Glass cuter
Drill with bore the width of your jigsaw blade
Dremel or edging tool
Glass mounting screw clamps

Once you have the opening built for your recessed medicine cabinet, you will need a door to keep prying hands out. A door will also keep your things from being in open sight or falling into your sink. Once the opening is set and secured, use the side of the frame to mount the cabinet door and your latches.

Step 1 - Measure the Cabinet Opening

Measure the opening to your recessed medicine cabinet and then add .5-inches to all measurements to ensure that it will properly cover the opening. Cut your wooden board to the size needed and you can then use your Dremel or edging tool to put a fancy edge around the outside edge for added effect.

Step 2 - Measure and Cut the Hole for the Mirror

Cut your mirror so that it leaves between 1 and 2-inches around your recessed medicine cabinet door to allow for your mounting hardware. Once you have this measurement, use your drill to start a pilot hole for your jigsaw on the interior. Use a straight edge to ensure a clean, steady cut. Cut out the hole for the mirror, adding up to .5-inches for the ledge.

Once the hole is cut for your mirror, use the edging tool to make a shallow ledge around the inside of the inner cut. You want to be as close to the mirror's thickness as possible. It simply needs to be a ledge for the mirror to sit on, which will be held in place on the inside by your screw clamps.

Step 3 - Mount your Mirror and Door

Once you have made all the cuts, sand and paint the surface. Once it has dried, insert your mirror and secure it with the glass clamps, which should easily turn to remove the mirror in case it ever breaks. Add the hinges to your recessed medicine cabinet door and mount it into place, attaching it to the frame of the cabinet. Your magnetic lock should be tested to ensure that it will line up properly when the door is closed.

Now you have a hand made recessed medicine cabinet and door that will add the space needed for you bathroom items and medicine. Allow time for stains and or paint to dry before mounting to avoid it from getting stuck to the opening or your walls. You can even get a door slide bar that can be mounted on the inside of the cabinet and bottom of the door to prevent it from being opened to far or breaking the mirror from hitting the wall if opened quickly.

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