How to Build a Retaining Wall from Interlocking Blocks

What You'll Need
Working gloves
Protective eye gear
Wood stakes and string
Retaining wall blocks
Measuring tape
Hand tamper
Leveling sand

A home improvement that can be done is to install a retaining wall made of interlocking blocks that intertwine to create a rustic look. This particular feature is made easy to install because home manufacturers have come up with ready-made interlocking blocks to serve the purpose. The process of making this out of materials is eliminated but the installation may still require massive physical work. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to build a retaining wall from interlocking blocks.


Step 1-Determine Area for Retaining Wall

Determine the area where the retaining wall will be put up. Mark the outline with the use of stakes and string.

Step 2-Blocks Selection

The blocks to be used for the wall should be selected. Determine first the size of blocks needed for the project so that the number of blocks to purchase will be known.

Step 3-Necessary Permits

Since diggings will be done for the installation of the retaining wall, the city or state may require a permit to dig and a permit to build so complete all these requirements prior to the work.

Step 4-Creating a Dug-out as Base

Wear all of your protective gear. Make a dug-out in the ground that is a bit bigger than the size of the block and is four to six inches deep. The foundation should go below the ground level. Pack up the area and flatten the bottom area. Place in sand or paver base onto the flattened area and compress it down.

Step 5-Laying the Blocks

The initial block can now be placed. Confirm its position with a level. If the block is not even, use a hammer to make the adjustment. Keep going with the block laying making sure that the blocks placed are even and make adjustments if it is not.

Step 6-Setting down Blocks

Make a mark on the mid-section of the block where to drive the chisel and hammer to cut it halfway. This will be the initial stone of the next pack. Cutting it in half will give the staggered look. Position the stones in place by the borders of the second pack. Create an interlocking look with the base layer.

Step 7-Working the Other End

Work on the other end of the pack and put another block by the base layer. Connect a string on the two blocks and determine the evenness of the line with a level. Make adjustment if line is uneven.

Step 8-Setting Second Course of Blocks

Make another interlocking block with the first pack by laying blocks for the second course. Check for evenness. The last block in the row should be cut in half.

Step 9-Filling the Dug-out

The dug-out by the base should be filled with soil and compressed well.

Step 10-Finishing the Interlocking Blocks

Keep putting in the blocks in rows. The first and last blocks must be cut in half on every row to create the staggered look.