How to Build a Round Picnic Table

What You'll Need
Wood screws
5 pieces of 2 x 12 wood planks
1 piece 54 inch long 2 x 4 plank
6 pieces 40 inch long 2 x 4 wood planks
Jigsaw or handheld power saw
Angle tool
2 6-inch bolts with nuts and washers
Wood adhesive
Thumb tack

Building your own round picnic table is quite easy. This versatile table is great for any outdoor space and adds extra seating to your backyard. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to build one.

Step 1. Putting the Wood Planks Together

The first step to creating a round picnic table is to build your table top. To do this, simply lay the 5 pieces of 2 x 12 wood planks together to form a rectangle. Make sure that the planks are aligned properly.

Once you have laid down the planks, place the 54 inches long 2 x 4 wood plank to the center of the assembled wood planks. When you put the 54-inch wood plank in the center, make sure that there is a 3-inch overhang on both ends.

Step 2. Drilling a Hole to the Wood Planks

After you have laid down all the planks, you can secure them together. To do this, drill a hole on top of the 2 x 4 wood plank, making sure that each of the 2 x 12 planks has one. You should end up with 5 holes on the 54-inch 2 x 4 wood plank.

Step 3. Securing the Wood Planks

Put some adhesive on the 54-inch 2 x 4 wood plank. Carefully put it back on the center of the 5 wood planks again. Drive a wood screw on each of the holes you have drilled to properly secure the wood planks together.

Step 4. Level the Tabletop

You need to make sure that the tabletop is level so you can find the center of the square which you will need when you cut the tabletop. To do this, turn the table and then mark the center. Trace a pair of straight lines from the corners and use the level to make sure that the line you made is straight.

Step 5. Make a Compass

Tie your marker to one end of the string. Cut the string at least 32 inches long. After doing this, secure the end onto the center of the tabletop using a thumb tack. Make sure that you will be left with a 30-inch string, which will be the diameter of your tabletop.

Step 6. Cut the Round Table

Circle the marker around the tabletop, making sure that the string on the center is securely in place. Using a jigsaw or a handheld power saw, cut the circle that you have made.

Step 7. Making the Table Legs

To make the table legs, turn over the table again and measure about 20 inches along the 54-inch plank from its center. Attach 2 of the 40 inch long 2 x 4 planks to the 54-inch plank. Make sure that these are parallel with the center. With the other 4 pieces, find the center for each, and then drill a hole. Cut both ends of the 4 planks at a 45-angle using the angle tool. Secure the planks in pairs to create an X using the 6-inch bolts, nuts and washer. Drill and screw the 2 X-shape legs onto the 40-inch wood planks.