How To Build A Set Of Wicker Drawers

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Building wicker drawers can be a fulfilling project. Not only do you end up with a great storage system, but they are an easy project you can be proud of for years to come. There are a few methods you can use. Here are the simpler ones:

Use Baskets

One of the easiest ways to build wicker drawers is to use pre-made wicker baskets. This is especially useful for a project in a kitchen pantry as the drawers can hang from kitchen shelves. You may also want to replace existing drawers in a dresser or desk unit. Simply measure the housing you choose to place the drawers in and find baskets that match. Be sure to leave enough room in your measurements for the track, so do not choose baskets that are perfectly flush with the housing.

Install Runners or Tracks

If you choose to install the drawers from the bottom of an existing shelf, just measure out the length and width of the shelf. Take these measurements with you to your local hardware store to purchase your tracks. Since you’re using wicker, you don’t need to get a heavy duty track unless you plan on storing very heavy things in the drawers.

You will be faced with several types of runners. If you are suspending the runners from a shelf, you will want a basic runner that the baskets can slide in and out of easily. You may want to choose a runner that has a stop feature to prevent the basket from sliding out completely. Experts at your local hardware store can help you pick the right tracks.

Installing the tracks is generally as simple as using a tape measure and a drill. Measure to ensure the tracks are the proper distance from one another, and drill them in to place.

If you are replacing existing drawers with wicker, you may need to install runners using small nails or epoxy glue. This will depend on the type of housing the drawers will be placed in.

Hang the Drawers

Depending on the tracks or runners you've chosen, you may need to place rollers on the edges of the baskets. This can usually be done with small pieces of sturdy wire and rollers.

In most cases, you can just create a lip for the edge of the basket without worrying about rollers. This lip will serve as what glides against the runner. If the wicker itself glides against the runner, it can damage the wicker.


Now that you have the baskets hanging or placed in the drawer housing, you can choose your hardware. Some wicker baskets will have a handle already on them, or a cut-out lip for grabbing. This may be good enough, or you can place a knob or handle on the front of the drawer for easier access. With wicker, make sure to use a lightweight pull or knob that won’t come through the wicker when tugged.