How to Build a Shed Frame

What You'll Need
Clam shell post hole digger
Various posts
Lumber 4 x 4
Lumber studding 2 x 4
Roof trusses

A timber frame shed makes an excellent storage shed. Building a shed starts with the shed frame. The frame is the skeleton the shed will grow on to.

Step 1 - Base

Create a level base for the shed to be built on. Mark the position for the corner posts, making sure that they are square.

Step 2 - Install Corner Posts

Dig post holes for the corner posts at least 2 feet deep. Use a clam shell digger, which is like 2 spades joined together to lift the soil straight up out a hole, or use an auger. Make sure the bottom of each post hole is firm. Mix concrete and place the first corner post into a hole and tap it gently to seat it. Pour concrete around the post and make sure the post is vertical. Use props to hold the post vertical until the concrete stiffens. Install the other 3 posts in the same way.

Step 3 - Door Posts

The door posts can be installed in the same way as the corner posts to give much more structural strength to the shed.

Step 4 - Window Posts

Although not often used as a structural part of a shed, the windows can be fitted between posts the same as the corner posts. They should be placed according to the width of each window.

Step 5 - Roof Line

Fit lengths of 4 x 4s around the top of all the posts you have installed. These must be horizontal and the height above the ground that the roof is to be and fitted to the outside faces. Saw off the tops of all the posts level with the 4 x 4s.

Step 6 - Window Frames

If the windows will fit into frames, install the window frames where you would like them to be.

Step 7 - Studding

Starting at the bottom of each wall, nail pieces of 2 x 4 lumber to the corner posts and door posts. This is the studding that the shed siding will be fixed to. The first piece should be close to ground, level and horizontal. When it is finished it will go all round the shed. Repeat this every 16 inches until you are at the top of the wall. Where the studding has crossed the door and window frames, cut out the parts that should not be there.

Step 8 - The Roof

It is best to buy ready-made roof trusses and fit those to the shed. The trusses will support the roof and give the roof its pitch The trusses will sit on the 4 x 4 you have fixed at the tops of the posts. The trusses will be connected by stringers which will help hold them in place until diagonal braces can be fitted to give the trusses more stability.

Once the frame is completed you can finish your timber frame shed. Add the sidings and the roof, hang the door and fit the windows.