How to Build a Vacuum for Your Shop

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What You'll Need
Electric screwdriver
Light switch
Switch plate
High-powered shop vac
Wide mouthed hose
Wide mouth hose attachment with lip
Metal wire
Ruler or measuring tape

A vacuum is an important tool in any shop that generates a lot of dust. It may take too much time to get out the vacuum and run it on a regular basis. One solution is to put the vacuum in a separate storage room, and be able to turn it on and off with a wall switch. The vacuum hose comes through a wall to a wide-mouth hose attachment. Simply sweep all the debris towards the vacuum attachment in the wall and run the vacuum to suck it away.

Step 1 - Use or Build Enclosure

Use a small room that contains an electrical outlet. It may be necessary to build a small room for this. It should contain an outlet that can be turned on and off with a wall switch. Running an extension cord through a wall can be dangerous, and also against code.

Step 2 - Install Hose Attachment

Decide where the hose will come through the wall. Measure the wide-mouth hose attachment and draw the shape on the wall at the floor. Cut the shape out with a saw. If it's an existing wall, make sure there are no wires or pipes where the attachment will go through. Put the hose attachment through the wall from the outside and attach the vacuum hose on the inside.

Step 3 - Attach Hose Support

Inside the small room, pull the vacuum hose to make the opening on the other side flush with the wall. Wrap several lengths of metal wire around the vacuum hose and twist them to hold tight. Bend the other end of each piece of wire into a loop. Screw each loop to the wall to hold the hose in place.

Step 4 - Use Wall Switch

If the electrical outlet in the small room doesn't have a wall switch that controls it, one can be installed in a convenient place. The work should be done by a professional electrician.

Step 5 - Place Vacuum in Room

Turn off the outlet in the small room, and then place the vacuum inside. Plug it in and turn its switch on. Connect the vacuum hose to the vacuum. When you turn on the wall switch, the vacuum will run. Sweep dust and debris to the wide-mouth attachment on the outside of the small room, and it will be sucked away.

Once this is done, make sure that all electrical work is safe and up to building codes. Vacuuming the shop should then be easy. The vacuum will be less noisy in the shop and cleaning up will be convenient.