How to Build a Shower Shelf for Your Bathroom

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What You'll Need
Tile template
Tile saw
Tile adhesive
Trowel grout

Adding a shower shelf to your bathroom is an easy project. This article walks you through installing a tile shower shelf. A shower shelf installed during a complete renovation of your shower’s tile will create a more fluid and beautiful finished result. Adding a shower shelf while you complete the tile work allows you to select tile that compliments your current styling. It is also more secure. You will need specialized materials, such as tile adhesive and grout. These items are easy to find at your local home improvement store.

Step 1 - Select the Tile

Use tile that will be large enough for the surface of your shelf. You can tile the entire shower in the same tile. Alternatively, you can use smaller tiles on the walls, floor, and ceiling. Use a large version of the same tile for the shelf. For a more modern look, you can use a complimentary tile for the shelf. Consider the décor of the entire bathroom and select the tile that you like best. Keep in mind that you’ll need a single piece of tile for the shelf.

Step 2 - Cut the Tile

Before you make any cuts to the actual tile, you need to make a template. You can use cardboard, card stock, or poster board. Use something that is heavier than standard copy paper. Fit the cardboard into the corner where you’d like to add the shelf. Mark the position on the wall.

It is imperative that you use a template because you want the shelf to fit perfectly into the corner. Sometimes walls are not perfectly level; without getting exact measurements, your shelf may not fit flush into the corner. Once the template is ready, place it on the tile and cut the piece to match.

Step 3 - Tile the Shower Wall

Begin tiling the wall from the bottom. Apply the tile adhesive and tile in level rows. Once you’ve reached the desired position of the shelf, apply the shelf to the wall with the tile adhesive. Ensure that that the shelf is flush with the wall, especially the corner. Continue until the entire wall is finished.

Step 4 - Grout the Wall and Shelf

As you begin to grout the wall, make sure that you grout the shelf in place. Until you grout, the shelf is being held in place by the adhesive and the tiles. The grout will solidify the shelf and the shower tile. Performing a good grout job is essential to beautiful shower results. Mix the grout properly and remove the excess according to the manufacturer’s instruction.

With a little bit of work, you can have a place for your most essential shower products. A shower shelf is an easy do-it-yourself project with a big payoff.