How to Build a Slate Wall Water Fountain

slate wall fountain with tall grasses
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Slate tiles
Pond liner/plastic sheet
Motor pump
Fountain accessories
Container to the mix mortar

A slate wall water fountain provides a striking feature in any home. Not only does it look good but also the constant, gurgling flow of water has a comforting effect on everyone around. Most people assume that such fixtures are expensive affairs. However, the truth is that once you know how to assemble a water wall, it can be tailored to suit your budget (and available space). In addition, a slate wall water foundation is easy to assemble and durable. Just follow the simple instructions below to create your very own slate wall water fountain.

Step 1 – Establish Design and Source Material

The first point of order is to determine your preferred style (and size) for the slate water wall feature. Do you want to stack the slate together or tile them? How large or small will the feature be? The answers to these questions will determine the right measures for all the materials required, including the slate, pond lining (or plastic sheet), and motor pump. Once you have the estimate sizes, procure the necessary construction materials from your local home and garden store.

Step 2 – Prepare the Water Wall

Establish the site for the water wall feature and prepare a base for the water wall. To do so, prepare a cavity for the same by clearing the area of all rock, plant and other particles. Once cleared, level the area as smoothly as possible. In an open container, mix the mortar. Use this mortar to place the slate, one next to the other, in a rising motion. Once completed, allow the mortar to dry sufficiently. The appropriate drying time will be mentioned on the label. If you want to ensure additional safety, use adhesive to further secure the slate.

Step 3 – Prepare Water Reservoir

Near the wall, dig a hole for the water reservoir. This cavity needs to match the size of the procured pond liner. When the hole is ready, line it with the pond liner (use a plastic sheet in case you don’t have pond liner) and then place and secure the pump inside. Make sure it is steady and doesn’t move around inside. Now, use the provided tubing to connect the pump to the wall, running it along the slate.

Step 4 – Turning on the Water

Fill up the reservoir before starting the pump for the first time. Getting the appropriate amount of water in the reservoir may require some trial and error: too much water or too little water results in a poor fountain display. Also, insufficient water will leave the wall dry and may also cause air to be sucked into the pump, while excess water will cause spluttering and disturbance.

Step 4 – Decorate

The final step towards a perfect slate wall water fountain is accessorizing. Use the appropriate lighting, plants, pebbles and stones to enhance the look of your fountain. The options are endless.