How to Build a Snowboard Rack for Your Garage

  • 1-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-150
What You'll Need
1/4 -inch thick acrylic glass
Heat gun or a propane torch
6 mounting screws
Electric drill with bits according to your wall type
2x4-inch wood

Having a snowboard rack in your garage is a very useful way of protecting your snowboard while keeping it out of the way at the same time. Building one is a very simple DIY project anyone can do. Follow the simple steps below to effectively make a single snowboard rack you can use in your garage.

Step 1 - Prepare the Acrylic

You will need two pieces of acrylic glass that are four inches wide and 24 inches long. You can cut these pieces out of a bigger acrylic piece to the specified dimensions. Use the saw to cut two pieces. You can also use an awl to scratch off the cut and then snap the piece off. Use protection goggles and gloves when doing so to avoid cutting yourself while making your snowboard rack.

Step 2 - Bend the Acrylic

Heating the acrylic will release toxic fumes that can be detrimental to your health. Use a mask or keep your head away whenever you are heating it. Use the heat gun or torch to heat a piece of acrylic at the place you want it to bend. You will want to bend it at one-third of the length. Do not overheat the acrylic as it will melt and you will have to scrap it.

Place the 2x4-inch wood on top, hold in position and bend the acrylic around it to form something that looks like a hanger. As soon as you get the desired bend, stop heating completely. Don’t touch the plastic, as it will be extremely hot, and let it cool off normally. Do not submerge it in water. Make the same bend for the other piece of acrylic for your snowboard rack.

Step 3 - Drill Mounting Holes

Use your electric drill to make mounting holes in the top part of the acrylic pieces. Make the holes close to the center of the piece and sufficiently spread from one another in a triangle shape. Alternatively you can use just one or two holes but this will provide less strength to the mount. Position the first piece of acrylic on the wall where you want the snowboard rack and mark the spots where the holes are on the wall using a pencil. Place the second piece to the right at the same level and mark the holes with a pencil as well.

Use your drill to make the six holes in the wall. The distance between the two pieces should be greater than the distance between the bootstraps on your snowboard. You can test this using the actual snowboard or just measuring the distance and adding a few inches.

Step 4 - Attach the Acrylic Pieces

With the wall mounting holes complete, attach the two pieces of acrylic to the wall. Use the mounting screws to hold them securely in place on the wall. Fasten all the screws as tightly as possible. Place your snowboard into your newly created snowboard rack.