How To Build A Solarium

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  • 40-80 hours
  • Advanced
  • 2,500-20,000

Adding a solarium or sunroom onto your home will increase the value of the home by quite a bit. They are comfortable and beautiful rooms that can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are some things you need to know before building a solarium on to your home.

Step 1 - Planning the Solarium

Before you start planning a solarium, ask yourself what you are planning on using the space for. A solarium for a spa room will need to be set up differently than a solarium for family entertainment. A breakfast room will be best placed on the east side of the house to allow for maximum morning sun exposure.

Step 2 - Know the Purpose

You will also need to figure out if you plan on using the room year-round, what kind of windows and doors you want, what kind of security you need to have, and will it match the style of the rest of your home. These are all important when it comes to adding a solarium or sunroom. These are all things that you should consider when planning your solarium.

Step 3 - Construction of Your Solarium

Unless you're an experienced building professional, you will want to hire a contractor to construct it for you. There are many things you need to consider such as electrical wiring, plumbing if you choose, and building constraints. An experienced contractor can do all of this for you. You may also have to get special permits depending on the size and location of the solarium. You should ask your contractor for references, copies of any insurance and licensing, as well as detailed warranty information.

If you think you have the experience needed, you can purchase kits and plans either over the internet or at a specialty home improvement store. There are some styles of sunrooms that are much easier to build yourself than others. A lean-to style room with a slanted front is much easier to build than a straight or rounded room. You can find many different styles and plans if you spend a little bit of time looking.

Step 4 - How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Solarium

Solariums aren’t the most energy-efficient rooms, especially if you build them yourself. You can help counter this by including thermal mass into your design. Using stone floors will help retain heat and spread it back through the room. Having lots of large windows that face solar south will also help to heat the room. Solar south isn’t always compass south, but you can find this easily by contacting a local weather center. Incorporating a water element in your solarium will also help retain and disperse heat. You can do this easily by including some barrels with water plants in your new room. This is beautiful and helps maintain energy efficiency.

You also want to make sure the glass you use isn’t just a cheap window glass. You need to use glass that is thick and will allow the most energy efficiency possible. This will help to keep your solarium comfortable throughout the year.

These are some of the best and fastest ways to set up a solarium. In today’s age of energy crisis and global warming, using renewable sources of energy is the best option. There are regular researches being conducted in this field, and to keep yourself updated with the latest trends, refer to these materials, so that you can make the best choice.