How to Build a Spa Enclosure

hot tub on a small deck with cover off
  • 4-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-250
What You'll Need
Pea gravel
10 foot long 2x4 inch lumber
8x4 foot lattice
3/4 inch deck screws

A spa enclosure is ideal if you want more privacy in your backyard. There are many ready-made enclosures available from home improvement stores, but they can be quite expensive. One option is to build a spa enclosure on your own to save money. This project can be completed in a few days using basic tools and materials.

Step 1 - Lay the Groundwork

First you have to build a stable surface for the spa. Pour a concrete pad by excavating a four-inch deep hole that measures the size and shape of the patio you want to create. Place one-inch of pea gravel at the bottom of the hole and pour the concrete on top. Drag a board across the surface to level the concrete and allow it to cure for 24 hours.

Step 2 - Place Post Holes

post surrounded by bricks

Dig post holes three feet and 10 inches apart around the concrete pad. This is where the walls of the enclosure are going to go, so make sure you dig the holes in straight lines if you have created a square or rectangular pad. If you have a round pad, dig the holes a foot away from the edge of the pad, leaving a space without a post hole where the entry to the spa will be.

Step 3 - Pour Concrete

Pour concrete in the post holes. Put one 2x4 in the concrete of each hole. Make sure the lumber is straight by using a level. Allow the concrete to cure overnight. When placing the post holes in the concrete, make sure the flat side faces toward the pad.

With ¾ inch deck screws, attach a lattice to the 2x4s. Apply a screw to the top and bottom of each piece where it meets the 2x4. Place more screws on the sides of the lattice. Keep adding the lattice to the 2x4s to create the spa enclosure. Of course, don't forget to leave a space for an entrance to the spa.

Step 4 - Build Spa Cover

shade sails over a bench and spa

Construct a spa cover by making a shade sail. Do this by cutting a piece of canvas the size of the spa enclosure and attaching grommets on the corners. This is for a square or rectangle spa enclosure. For a round enclosure, space the hooks evenly about two feet apart. Attach screw hooks to the 2x4s, matching the spacing of the grommets. Slide the grommets over the screw hooks.

After you've completed constructing the spa enclosure, add lighting and other elements such as an outdoor bench with storage. Add hooks for robes and towels. Grow vines on the lattice for even more privacy. Plant greenery that repels insects, such as lavender and marigolds.


Buy treated lumber for this project. You can either purchase lattice in wood or painted vinyl. Remove the shade sail anytime you don't want a roof.