How To Build A Sports Locker

What You'll Need
4x4 Wood Planks
Measuring Tape
Power Drill
Circle Saw

If you have children who are in to many sports, or are a sports fanatic yourself, building a sports locker is an easy way to cut back on the clutter that can be created by all that sports equipment. Building a sports locker is easy, requires minimal materials, and can be completed in less than a day. Here’s what you need to know.

Step 1: Gather Materials Needed

Before you get started, assemble all the material you need to build the locker. Decide if you want a wooden, metal, or vinyl locker. The wood is probably the most cost effective material to use, and will offer you the most versatility. You will also need to measure out how much room you have to work with. This will determine how much material you will need to build the locker. Other than the metal or wood, you will need shelving if desired, hooks if desired, hardware, latches, hinges, and a lock if you want to keep your sports equipment safe.

Step 2: Pour a concrete Base (Optional)

Many people will opt to pour a concrete base to use as a foundation. This is entirely up to you, and really isn’t necessary. If you choose to use a foundation for your locker be sure that it is level to avoid problems later.

Step 3: Keep the Box in Mind

You will want to construct a large box essentially. Use lumber to create a frame first. This is the sturdiest way to build your sports locker. Achieve this simply by using 4X4 wood planks and nailing then in to a box shape. You will need to create two squares out of the lumber, they need to match each other perfectly. This will serve as the top and bottom of the locker. Use longer pieces of lumber to form the sides and back.

Step 4: Building the Sides

Once the frame is built, you can attach the material you have chosen to the frame. If you are using wood this is simple. Start with the base first. This needs to be a strong layer since it will end up holding more weight than the rest. Then move on to the sides, then attach the back. Use wood screws and a drill for this. If you are using metal you will want to use multi-purpose screws and a drill bit that can handle drilling through the metal. For vinyl, you can attach it by using hammer and nails, and adhesive for added security of you choose. Experts disagree over whether or not the adhesive is necessary. For something like a sports locker, it’s probably ok to forego this step.

Once the base, sides and back are secured, you can attach the top. If you plan on hanging hooks from the top of the locker, make sure you use enough materials to withstand the weight.

Step 5: Attach the Door

Depending on what material you have chosen for your locker, you will have different options to what hardware will work best. For a standard wooden door, just any type of hinge will work. Attach the hinge to the frame you’ve built, and make sure there is enough room for the door to swing open without rubbing anything. You generally want to gap the door on the locker about ¼ of an inch.

Metal doors will still use hinges attached to the frame, but you will need to ensure the hinges are compatible with the metal. You can purchase hinges that are designed for use with a combination of metal and wood at any hardwood store.

Step 6: Paint and Finish

Once the door has been attached, you can paint or finish the locker any way you choose. Hang up hooks on the inside of the door, and add any tension rods you may want to use for sports jackets and other clothing. You can also install shelves if you wish.

After you’ve added these touches, you can complete the process by adding any knobs or pulls you’d like for the door. Adding a locking latch is another option if you want to ensure your sports equipment stays secure and safe.