How to Build a Spray Paint Booth

What You'll Need
2 inch by 4 inch timber
Fan with separate motor
1/4 horsepower explosion-proof motor
Furnace filter

A commercial spray paint booth is an expensive undertaking and you’re not likely to need anything that complex at home. However, if you do refinish old cars, for example, you’ll want to paint them eventually and you’ll need the correct facilities. The answer is to build a spray paint booth at home. A basic set-up will work very adequately for your needs.

Step 1 - Fan Housing

For your spray paint booth, you need a fan that will extract the air but not too much of it because that will cause a real increase in temperature in the spray paint booth. The fan should be separate from the motor as this will keep the motor clear of the paint, and the motor should be attached to the fan by a drive belt.

Start by building a plywood housing box for the fan. You need to locate the fan at one end of the box and the furnace filter at the other end to help protect the motor. The box should be about 1 foot deep.

Step 2 - Fitting the Fan

To fit the fan, cut a piece of 2 inch by 4 inch timber to the width of the box and fit it in the end where the fan will be, nailing it in place. Drill a hole through the center and put the fan in place, using bolts and washers to keep it secure but still able to turn freely and the shaft extending into the box.

At the other end, use 2 inch by 4 inch timber to create a shelf that will hold the furnace filer in place to ensure it isn’t sucked into the fan when it’s running.

Step 3 - Motor

On the top of the fan housing, you need to cut out a square hole that will be large enough to take the drive belt for the fan. It needs to be located so the belt will run evenly over the shaft for the fan. Now, bolt the motor on top of the box, adjusting the tension on the drive belt so it’s not too tight and won’t slip when in operation. To protect the motor, build another box of plywood around it. Put a hole in one wall of the box for the electric cord.

Step 4 - Mounting

You’ll need to mount the fan assembly in the garage window to make your spray paint booth. Depending on the window, you might need to use some wood supports to keep it in place. If there are any open areas around the box, use plywood and sealant to fill them. This will keep the air flow in the spray paint booth at a maximum.

Step 5 - Finishing

Now, take your polythene and hang it from the ceiling on either side of the window. You need an area that allows you enough room to work but the polythene should only be about 8 feet long; the fan won’t draw from a greater distance. This spray paint booth is intended to work with a high volume low pressure (HVLP) spray gun.