How to Build a Steel Gazebo

What You'll Need
Steel tubes of 2-inch diameter
Eight 10 foot long Steel Poles of 2-inch diameter
Concrete mixture
Welding equipment
Good quality welding wire
Measuring tape

A Steel gazebo is a type of metal gazebo that can be built in a public place, park or gardens as a place to have shelter from weather and also as a place to spend your leisure time. Gazebos come in a variety of material like steel, PVC, wooden or in other metals like wrought iron. Choosing a steel gazebo is a better option as it is comparatively more resistant to the harshness of the weather. You may build it easily if you have a little knowledge of metal fabrication.

Step 1 - Determine the Dimension

You will have to determine with a measuring tape the dimension or size of the area in your garden where you wish to build a steel gazebo. With this dimension, calculate the length of the steel tube you may require.

Step 2 – Prepare the Top Frames

Be sure to cut the steel tubing into 16 pieces of equal lengths if you have decided to design an octagonal gazebo. First prepare the top frame of steel tubes in an octagonal shape. For this, you will have to determine the angle required at the end of each tube so that you get a perfect octagon shape. Wear your goggles or other eye protective gears before you start welding. By keeping this angle perfect, clamp the tubes and weld each tube with welding wire in the welding equipment. Prepare another octagonal frame in a similar fashion.

Step 3 - Join the Frames

Join the two octagonal frames with spacers of 5-inches length at an interval of 4-inches around the frame. After keeping the spacers, weld them too.

Step 4 – Prepare Arches

You will have to make 8 arches of 22 inch radii now. Bend the steel tubing with the required radius and then cut the tube and weld them to the eight corners of the top frame prepared.

Step 5 – Prepare Base Panels

You will have to prepare 6 base panels for your octagonal gazebo. Cut steel tubing of equal lengths according to the design you wish to give to the base panel. Place the cut tubes in the required pattern and weld them on both sides.

Step 6 – Prepare the Scroll

Draw a sketch of the scroll pattern on a paper and make the jigs to form the scrolls into the required shape. Use jigs to bend the steel and once the scrolls are ready, weld them to the top frame. File all welding points in order to make them smooth to get rid of rough edges.

Step 7 – Fix the Poles

Keep the top frame on the ground and mark the eight corners. Dig hole of 2 feet depth and fill it with concrete mixture and then fix the steel poles in each of the holes. Weld the top structure and base panels to the poles firmly.