How to Build a Steel Work Bench

What You'll Need
4 right angle pieces of steel, each 36 inches long
2 right angle pieces of steel, each 48 inches long
2 right angle pieces of steel, each 24 inches long
2 straight pieces of steel, each 48 inches long
2 straight pieces of steel, each 24 inches long
Drill with bit for metal
Nuts and bolts
2 adjustable wrenches
Piece of sheet steel, 3/8 inch thick, 48 by 24 inches
C clamps
Safety glasses
Protective gloves

A steel work bench in your workshop is a useful facility. A steel work bench is stable, strong and can withstand the rigors of day-to-day use, especially if you carry out a large amount of welding. Why not make your own steel work bench?

Step 1- Assembling the Basic Frame

Each of your 36 inch right angle pieces will be a leg for your steel work bench. On each piece, measure down 3/4 inch on both sides of the angle at one end and drill a hole of approximately 5mm. Wear safety glasses and protective gloves when drilling. Now, take one piece of your 48 inch right angled steel. Hold carefully inside one of the legs and mark where the hole you have just drilled lines up. The 48 inch angle should be positioned to provide a flat surface at the top of the leg. Drill through and secure the 2 pieces together with an appropriately sized nut and bolt so the leg is at 90 degrees to the first piece. Repeat with another leg at the other end of the 48 inch piece. Repeat this with the other 2 legs and the other 48 inch angled piece. This will give you 2 "C" shaped frames.

Next, measure 12 inches from the bottom of each leg and drill holes on each side on the right angle. Take a 48 inch straight piece of steel and line it up with the holes. Mark the steel and drill through. Secure with nuts and bolts. Tighten the nuts and bolts with the wrenches until there’s no movement in the frame. Repeat with the second frame.

Step 2 - Finishing the Frame

You will need to connect the two frames to make the base for your bench. Take the 2-24 inch right angle pieces of steel. Put one against one side of the frame you’ve made at the same end as the long right angled piece. Mark the steel where the hole lines up on the leg and drill through. Again, the angle should provide a flat surface upward. Attach with a nut and bolt. Attach the other frame to the other end of the 24 inch angle. Repeat on the other side of the frames with the other 24 inch angle. At this point, you will have what looks like a table with no top. To make it more stable, you will need to add the cross pieces.

These should be placed 12 inches off the ground running the width of the frame. Take your two remaining straight pieces of steel and hold them in place, lining up with the remaining holes you’ve already drilled in the legs. Mark the holes and drill the remaining pieces of steel, securing into place with nuts and bolts. Tighten all the nuts and bolts on the frame.

Step 3 - Fitting the Top

Take your steel top and place in position on the frame. Keep it firm with C clamps around the edges. Next, drill a series of holes, 12 inches apart, through the top of the frame. Don’t drill in the corners. Use nuts and bolts to secure your top to the frame, tightening them fully. For a better overall appearance, you can use finishing bolts to secure the top to the frame.