How to Build a Storage Cabinet

What You'll Need
Stain (or paint)
Protective glasses
Various other hardware
Measuring tape
Wood glue

The first step to getting organized is to utilize one storage cabinet or one of many. If you're someone that is handy with tools and like to craft with wood then try your hand at building a storage cabinet yourself. They are fairly easy to build and they are even fairly inexpensive. A storage cabinet is will not take very long to build either and this article will show you how.

Step 1 - Determine the Dimensions

Decide how large you want your storage cabinet to be. Think of a storage cabinet as a tall box with a door. You can store anything you like in the storage cabinet. The type of hardware you buy or any additions you make to this basic design will determine the size of the storage cabinet. You will want to determine the height, depth and width of the storage cabinet. The width plus the depth you choose will determine how large the top and the bottom of storage cabinet will be. The door of the storage cabinet is the same size as the height and width of the storage cabinet. Write these measurements down on a piece of paper reference.

Step 2 - Cutting the Pieces

Take the measurements that you decided on and transfer them to the wood you chose. Depending on the size of the storage cabinet you may be able to use just a single sheet of wood. After the dimensions have been drawn onto the wood you can then begin to cut them out. When you are finished cutting out the wood you can begin sanding the edges of each piece. This helps to remove the rough edges left from cutting the wood. Sand the surface of the wood as well if you like. Wipe the wood down with a towel followed by a tack cloth. Stain the wood at this point if you like but if you plan to paint it then wait until it is assembled.

Step 3 - Assembling the Storage Cabinet

Putting the pieces together is like putting together a small puzzle. It is not a complicated process. Begin by laying the back piece onto the work surface. Place a thin line of wood glue along one of the long edges and place one of the sides against it so that is plumb. Place several nails along the side to fasten it in place and then repeat with the other side. Add a line of wood glue along the edge of the bottom and place the bottom piece plumb and nail in place and then repeat with the top of the storage cabinet. Measure an inch from the top and bottom of the door then split the distance between in half. Install the hinges along an edge of the door then fasten the door to the front of the storage cabinet. Place the knob 1 inch from the opposite side and center. Paint the storage cabinet if you did not stain it beforehand.