How to Build a Storage Locker

What You'll Need
2 pieces timber 60 inches by 20 inches by 1 inch
2 pieces timber 60 inches by 18 inches by 1 inch
2 pieces timber 20 inches by 20 inches by 1 inch
1 piece timber 18 inches by 18 inches by 1 inch
Medium sand paper
Paint brush
Tape measure
Piano hinge

Storage lockers come in all shapes and sizes. The following is a simple design for a personal locker.

Step 1 – Check all the Timber

Go over the timber very carefully to ensure that it has been cut square and precisely. Use medium sand paper to smooth the surface down and remove any rough edges.

Step 2 – Add Top and Bottom to one Side

Nail a piece of 20 inch square timber to each end of one of the 60 by 20 inch pieces. This will be one side of the locker and the top and bottom.

The 20 inch square timber will be nailed into the end of the side piece.

Step 3 – Add the Other Side

Nail the second piece of 60 by 20 inch timber to the top and bottom pieces. You now have an oblong construction that is 62inches long by 20 inches by 20 inches.

Step 4 – Attach the Back.

Take one of the 60 by 18 inch pieces of timber and present it to one open side of the construction. It will fit precisely. Nail the piece into place ensuring that it remains flush with the back edges of the sides and top.

Step 5 – Fit the Shelf

You now have a construction looking like a long open box. The piece of timber that is 18 inches square will fit inside this box and should be fitted 18 inches from the top. Nail it into position from the sides and back making sure that it makes full contact with the back. When properly in position, it will be 1 inch shy of the front edge of the sides.

Step 6 – Fit the Piano Hinge

The construction will now be recognizable as a personal locker with a header storage space. The final piece of timber is the door. The best sort of hinge to support this type of door is the piano hinge. Fit the hinge down one side of the door space. Fit it down the left side for a door opening to the left.

Step 7 – Fit the Door to the Hinge

Once the hinge is fitted to the locker, fit the door to the hinge. The door will fit snuggly in the opening and will need to have a handle fitted for you to be able to open it once it is fitted to the hinge.

This is a very basic locker and can be improved by adding a hanger bar or hooks for clothes to be hung. Painting the locker will improve the appearance and help it to last longer. A padlock and hasp can also be fitted for security.