How to Build a Support for an Angled Deck

What You'll Need
Wood Logs of desired size
Measuring Tape
Wire Mesh
Metal Anchors
Concrete Mix
Deck Support Brackets

An angled deck is a great way to add a unique touch to your house, but installing a support deck is more essential. Deck supports are not only beneficial in the construction sense, but can be cleverly placed to accentuate the look of the entire deck. An ordinary deck can be angled and fitted with support right at home, that too without professional aid.

Step 1 - Initial Planning

Select where you would like to position the deck support. This will depend on the style of the deck and its location. Measure the area of the deck location. Using a post hole digger or a shovel, dig deep into the ground to install the concrete footing structure for support.

Step 2 - Positioning the Supports

Lay out all the places for the support structures and take appropriate measurements. Attach a string to any one support pier and check to see if it is in the same line as all the others.

Step 3 - Concreting

Buy a ready concrete composition from a hardware store and mix it according to the instructions on the pack. Add wire mesh to it while still soft, to ensure that the support base is built of strong material. In the holes dug for inserting the piers, pour in the concrete mixture. Take a long stick, and keep inserting it in the concrete mix so that air bubbles or spaces are not formed.

Step 4 - Anchoring

After topping up with additional pieces of wire mesh, take the anchor posts that can again be found at a hardware store. While buying them, be sure of specifying the size of the lumber log that shall be used as support. A 6 by 6 type is a standard size. Now carefully put the anchors on to the wet concrete within an hour of having poured in the holes. Repeat it on all the piers and make sure that all of them are in a straight line.

Step 5 - Finishing Steps

Now you need to mount the wood logs. Pine is a good choice being strong and pressure treated, but you could use normal hardwood that is termite proof. However, in case of the latter option larger blocks need to be used. Make sure that this step is performed a day after the concrete is allowed to set.

Step 6 - Touching Up

Get the wood cut by a professional. It must be at least 5 inches longer than the required size. Put it at the end of the anchor. There are predrilled holes in the anchor. Through these, drive in the nails into the wood. The extra inches of the support logs need not be cut off. If you still desire so, saw them off, but this shall need further installation of deck support brackets. Paint the wood logs with wood varnish for a smooth look. At the ends of the logs that are touching the deck platform, place the ready brackets. These must be purchased in accordance with the length of the sport beams or logs. Insert the screws in the holes and tighten them up. Your deck support is completely in place and shall make your lovely deck last for many years to come.