How to Build a Teak Bench

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Teak boards
Rust resistant screws
Marker pen

Teak is a common hardwood in the eastern hemisphere. Hardy and durable, it has many applications, especially where strong and moisture-resistant wood is required. Due to its exceptional resilience to moisture, it is often used on boats, for outdoor furnishings or for show room benches and similar uses. It is also an attractive wood that is easy to maintain. Unfortunately, teak is also very expensive in the United States and many other countries since it is often imported from afar. Working with teak is little different to working with any other hardwood and with some basic carpentry experience, you should be able to follow the following tips on how to build teak bench.

Step 1—Making Preparations

To build your teak bench, you will need to cut the teak boards to make the parts of the frame and the top of the bench. You will need four legs for the bench as well as two connecting bars which will connect the bottoms of the legs along the width of the bench. There should be another bar which runs along the bottom of the middle of the bench, connecting these bars. Though teak is already a particularly strong wood, this will make the show bench more stable. The top of the bench can be designed in any way you like, but there are certain recommendations that you should consider depending on where you are going to use the furniture. You can have 3 to 4 planks of wood for the seat of the bench or you can make a lattice bench. The latter is far more complicated and time consuming but looks more attractive and can be more practical in places where there is likely to be a great deal of water. With a latticed top, water will not be able to gather on the bench allowing it to dry easily.

Remember that since teak is a very expensive wood, make sure you do not waste it. Before cutting anything, take measurements at least twice to confirm that everything matches up as it should.

Step 2—Putting the Pieces Together

Once you have cut all of the parts to size, you're ready to assemble the frame. Assuming you have the parts described above, you can assemble the bench in any order you want. As teak is a very strong wood, it is difficult to put together using screws. Because of this, it is advisable to use a power screwdriver. First, mark the points on the teak where you are going to place the screws and then use the power screwdriver to place the rust resistant screws.

Step 3-Finishing Touches

When you have assembled the bench, sand down the ends of it where you cut the wood. Make sure that all of the surfaces are smooth and free of any splinters. Wipe off any dust using a damp cloth. Finally, treat the wood with an appropriate stain or varnish.