How to Build a Toddler Slide for Your Backyard

Lead Image
  • 2-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-200
What You'll Need
Pressure Treated Posts
Plastic Slide
Crushed Stone
Strips of Lumber
Dry Concrete Mix
Floor Joists
2 Galvanized Fasteners
Measuring Tape

A toddler slide is usually short in size and length (less than four feet) to help protect children against possible mishaps and give them a chance to get some physical exercise while having some fun. This type of slide is usually created out of plastic and simple lap belts which create a secure, convenient, solid and washable piece of playground equipment. Before you begin this project, check with local authorities to be sure that no rules prevent you from building a slide in your backyard.

Step 1 - Dig and Fill in the Hole

Dig a hole in the ground to hold up an eight-foot pressure treated post. Fill up that hole with about six inches of crushed stone, and then position the post along with strips of lumber. Pour a dry concrete mix into the hole until there are about four inches of space left from the top, and ensure the post is steady and level. Continue pouring down water onto the concrete mix, letting it absorb. Then fill in any empty space with dirt. Once done, repeat the same process for the rest of the three sides of the post.

Step 2 - Work on the Joists

Secure 2x6-inch floor joists around the outskirts of the posts, and tie up the joists at a 90-degree angle with lag bolts. See to it that a center joist supports the foundation of your deck and runs perpendicular to the course of the decking board. Install supporting joists at the respective corners, and then remove the temporary lumber braces you had used.

Proceed by securing 1x4-inch pressure treated boards across your installed floor joists with a space of ½-inch between them. Use two galvanized fasteners in every joist to lock up the supports with the deck.

Step 3 - Build the Platform

If your slide is about 42 inches high, your deck’s rail system should ideally be 34 inches in height. Install a 2x4-inch frame surrounding the posts, and see to it that the edges are in line with the rest of the devices. Continue by cutting off the posts from the framing with a handsaw, and install an opening towards the front and back of the platform. Insert these openings respectively with 3x4-inch posts, ideally be spaced 19 to 20 inches from each other, and secure them tight onto the top of the deck from underneath the installed platform. Lastly, fasten the corners of these posts to the inner sides of the 2x4-inch post.

Step 4 - Build the Stairs

Calculate the vertical height of your slide from the ground, and divide it by seven (the ideal tread height) in order to determine the number of stairs that you need. When you have that number, mark the positions on the stair stringers (2x4-inch boards installed about 14 inches from one another) before you go ahead with the installation.

Step 5 - Place the Slide

Finally, place the plastic slide (usually designed for a deck that is 42 inches high) by drilling holes and twisting heavy bolts and washers.