How to Build a Trophy Case

What You'll Need
Wood glue
Power drill
Wood clamps
Glass paneled doors
Tape measure
Spirit level
Notepad and pencil

Storing awards of accomplishment in a trophy case is an ideal way to keep them all in one place and to create a focal point in a room. With the right equipment and by following a few steps, you will find that it is easily possible to build the case yourself.

Step 1 – Design Plan

Begin the process of building a trophy case by drawing up a plan to help you determine how you want the case to look and to establish the dimensions. Take into account the size of any existing trophies you have so that you can plan the appropriate shelf height.

In addition, consider the area where you intend to place the case once it is finished to make sure it will accommodate the case. The plan will help you figure out the amount of material required so that you can gather everything required before starting work. Glass doors can be bought ready-assembled and ready to attach.

Step 2 – Measure and Cut

Cut the wood that will make up the trophy case by measuring it in accordance with the dimensions established earlier. Remember to factor in the size of the doors as this will help to establish the overall width of your trophy case. Make sure you use a tape measure and accurately mark surfaces to be cut with a pencil.

As the inside of the case will be on display, avoid using chipboard for the backing. Make sure that the wood is stably fixed into a workbench when you use the saw.    

Step 3 – Assemble Wood  

Begin assembling the trophy case by laying the back wooden panel on the floor or another large surface. Ensure the grain of the wood is on display. Apply some wood glue to the top edge so that you can attach it to what will be the top of the case. Hold the two pieces in place with wood clamps until the glue dries before inserting screws to secure the pieces together permanently.

Continue using the same method to attach the sides and base. If you want to add legs, do it at this stage by drilling through the base of the trophy case and attaching them with screws and wood glue. Once complete, carefully lift the structure into a standing position.   

Step 4 – Fit Shelves and Doors

The position of the shelves within the trophy case will depend on the size of the items that will be stored in it.  However, flexibility is possible by installing a combination of permanent or temporary shelves. Measure and mark the inside of the case to determine where the shelf will go, hold it in place and use a spirit level to ensure it is straight.

Similarly, mark the position of the movable shelves and use a drill to create shallow holes large enough to hold dowels that will hold the shelf in place. Insert screws to secure the fixed shelves and dowels for the temporary shelves. Attach the hinges to the glass doors before screwing the other side into the inside edge of the case. A handle and strip of rubber edging can be attached to reduce vibrations when the door is opened and closed, thus affording protection for your precious trophies.