How to Build a Trumpet Wall Mount

What You'll Need
Oak Plywood
Oak Wood Pegs
Oak Veneer
Utility Knife
1/2 Inch Drill Bit
Wood Glue
Sand Paper
Stain/Foam Brush
Jig Saw
Circular Saw

A wall mount to keep your trumpet proudly displayed is a fun project that can be done with basic power tools. Those who love to practice with their trumpet will love the convenience of being able to display it on a wall when they are not practicing, or just taking a break. Building the wall mount will only take a few hours of your time, and can be used after the stain has dried. Here are some easy steps to follow to build a trumpet wall mount.

Step 1: Decide on Design

A trumpet wall mount does not have to be a basic rectangular piece of wood. Take some time to decide upon a design that you would like the back part of the wall mount to look like. Use some blank paper and a pencil to through several different ideas. Once you decide on one, then save it for a template to use later. 

Step 2: Draw Design on Oak Plywood

The design you draw should be 6 inches larger than the trumpet in all directions. This will make sure that the trumpet is centered on the wall mount. Draw the design that you would like onto a piece of oak plywood. 

Step 3: Cut Out Design

Use a circular saw to cut out the piece that the design has been drawn on. After those cuts are made, use a jig saw to cut close to the lines in order for a more detailed cut. 

Step 4: Sand Plywood

With the plywood section cut out, use a sander with 120 grit paper to remove more material to get closer to the finished line. Once that is completed, sand down the entire piece to make smooth to the touch. 

Step 5: Drill Hole in Center

Measure the area on the trumpet from just inside the mouthpiece to inside lariat. This is the section that will rest upon the pegs on the wall mount. Transfer this measurement to the center of the piece of plywood and drill in two holes at these points. 

Step 6: Install Wood Pegs

Place some glue on around the bottom of the pegs and install them onto the wall mount. Make sure they are flush with the bottom part of the plywood. Wipe off any excess glue from the top or bottom. 

Step 7: Install Veneer Around Edges

Give your trumpet wall mount a finished look by applying some oak veneer around the edges. Spread some wood glue along the edges of the wall mount and begin to apply the veneer. Press the veneer into the edges and move along until it is completed. Cut of the excess with a utility knife and trim the sides to fit. 

Step 8: Stain Wall Mount

After the glue dries, sand off any residue and wipe it clean. Use a foam brush to apply a coat of stain to the wall mount and let it dry. Once it has had several hours to dry, apply another coat. Once this coat has dried, you are ready to install the wall mount on the wall for your trumpet.