How to Build a Vessel Sink Stand Part 1

What You'll Need
Stud Finder
Measuring Tape
Wood Screws
Butt Joints
Orbital Sander

vessel sink stand is a stand that can be made out of just about anything. The vessel sink is something that has been around for a long time. Installation with these types of sinks is very important as they do not come with faucets and will need to be separately installed. The placement and the location also are very important things to consider with these types of sinks.

Step 1 – Plan

The first thing that you will have to do is plan out exactly where you want the sink to be and how tall it should be. A vessel sink is much different from a regular sink as it is designed to sit above the counter that it is on. This means that the stand that is built will usually need to be built shorter than a regular sink stand. The height will have a lot to do with the size of the bowl as well as the height of the people that will be using it. You will also need to think about the depth of the bowl. A bowl that is not very deep could cause quite a bit of overflow, also, the location of the faucet will have a lot to do with the amount of splash back that will occur with these types of sinks.

Step 2 – Plumbing Pipe Location

The location of your plumbing pipe will also have a lot to do on the whereabouts of the sink stand. The plumbing for these sinks is much different than that of a regular sink. For instance, the pipes for the plumbing on these will typically snake through the wall underneath the cabinets. However, with a vessel sink, the pipes will need to snake through the wall and into the actual faucet because of the way that the bowl sits on top of the counter as opposed to in it. This means that the location that your sink is in will have to be as close as possible to the location of your pipes.

Step 3 – Wall Studs

The location of the sink also needs to be close to the wall studs. This is so that you can secure the sink to the wall. Because the pipes go directly into the faucet, you will need to make sure that the faucet will be able to be connected to the wall.

Step 4 – Measurements/Cuts

Whenever you are building your own sink stand, the measurements for the shelf, legs as well as the top are very important. Building a stand for a vessel sink is not much different than building a regular table. The overall effect of a vessel sink is to make it look as though it is resting on top of a table. You will simply need to base your measurements on the ideal height and width of the sink. Be sure that the cuts that you make for the top of the sink allow for enough room for the bowl as well as enough space around it.