How to Build a Victorian Dollhouse

A dollhouse.
  • 4-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-250
What You'll Need
Wood panels
Wood glue
Measuring tape
Stiff plastic
Knife or blade
Small saw

Building a Victorian dollhouse is a relatively simple yet enticing do-it-yourself project. The finished dollhouse can serve a purely decorative purpose or it can become a treasured toy for a child. Victorian dollhouses can be built according to a basic design that prevailed in the Victorian era, but you can be creative and use various materials in the process as well. A general trait of Victorian dollhouses is the details, both in the interior and exterior parts. Hence, you can be artistic and innovative when designing and building such a dollhouse.

Step 1 - Research, Design, and Plan the Doll House

It is important to have a good idea of what you will be building beforehand. Do some research and examine some Victorian dollhouses prior to building your own. If you do not have the opportunity to study a standing Victorian home, browse the web, examining the style and gaining a wider range of ideas. Afterward, draw up a plan and list the tools and materials you will be using. Determine the dimension and measurements in accordance with the area you intend to place the dollhouse. Make sure that it is located away from traffic patterns to avoid breakage.

Step 2 - Acquire the Tools and Materials

Acquire the tools and materials you shall be using. Select a type of wood that is relatively thin and easy to cut and shape in small details as in such a miniature project as a dollhouse. Apart from wood, you will also use some stiff plastic and some paint. Select the colors well and prepare enough materials depending on the dimensions you determined.

Step 3 - Cut the Wood

Start off by cutting the wood to shape up the basis of the dollhouse. A Victorian dollhouse will consist of two floors. Separate the two floors and also install the partitions to make out the rooms. Install the staircases and make the necessary openings for all the doors and windows.

Step 4 - Assemble the Foundation

Once the outer frame is ready, assemble the interior elements that include mainly the partitions for the rooms and the installation of the staircases. Make sure to use good quality wood glue to fix all the parts well. For a more secure fixture, you may wish to nail some areas rather than using wood glue.

Step 5 - Make the Doors and Windows

Use the plastic to make the doors and windows and carefully fit them in the corresponding openings and gaps prepared previously in the wood. Carefully fix small thin pieces of wood to make out panes in the windows.

Step 6 - Paint

Once all the assembling is ready you may opt to paint the dollhouse. Some even choose to paint the floors and ceilings inside the house. Others even fix wallpapers.

Step 7- Add the Roof

Install the roof on top of the dollhouse and you’re ready.

By following these basic guidelines you will have built your own Victorian dollhouse. You can then add some further touches such as furniture items and soft furnishings to make it even more appealing and realistic.