How to Build a Vinyl Fence

What You'll Need
Wood for posts
Fence gate/ vinyl
Lots of string
Hammer or Mallet
Shovels/ post doles

Modern vinyl fence material consists of two parts that chemically bond with each other in a process is called coextrusion. The titanium dioxide in the top layer protects the vinyl against the previously fast breakdown from the sun’s UV rays. The bottom layer contains agents that keep the vinyl from hardening and cracking as it did in the past and keeps it more pliable for longer. Available in many styles, vinyl fencing is cost-efficient as it requires no maintenance and a lifetime guarantee. Installing this fencing is more of a precision job than most other types of fencing. They are delivered in pre-assembled units, so your calculations and post placing must be accurate.

Step 1: Planning the Fencing

Plan the layout of the fence using a graph paper. This makes the whole process much easier allowing you to make provisions for the exact area, posts and fencing panels. This will prevent you from being in a situation where you have odd-sized little areas that you do not know what to do with.

Step 2: Marking Your Area

Mark the fence line using your hand-written diagram. Indicate where each future post should be placed. The accuracy of your measurements is extremely important. Remember that they deliver the fencing in pre-assembled units so you cannot afford any diagrammatic mistakes.

Step 3: The Posts

Use a post hole-digger or power auger to drill the holes to 10 inches in diameter and 6 inches deep. This would include a gravel backfill before the filling of the concrete.

After the gravel is added to the holes, insert the concrete. Opt for a quick-setting concrete to expedite the process. The hollow posts now need to be placed into the concrete, allowing it to fill the center portion of the post. Check the accuracy of your measurements and the level of each post before allowing the concrete to harden.

Step 4: Installing the Vinyl Fencing

Attach the rails with brackets to the posts using the available screws. When you have fitted the rail hangers to the fence posts, slide the panels into the brackets and use screws to join the panels to the hangers. Install the accessories, use vinyl glue to fit the top to the posts.