How to Build a Vinyl Lattice Fence

White lattice fence
  • 4-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-2,000
What You'll Need
4x4 pressure treated wood posts
Quick-setting cement
Carpenter's level
Post hole digger, gas-powered or manual
2-inch by 6-inch pressure treated wood rails
Oil-based primer
Deck screws
Circular saw with vinyl-cutting blade
25-foot measuring tape
Electric drill
Vinyl lattice panels
Fence rail mounts

A vinyl lattice fence provides just the right amount of privacy and is easier to build than a standard picket fence. These types of fences last longer than wooden lattice fences because they're made out of poly vinyl chloride (PVC). The panels are sold as prefabricated vinyl panels cutting out the time-consuming step of cutting pickets. Follow these steps to quickly build a vinyl lattice fence around your property.

Step 1 - Set and Install the Posts

Determine the amount of material required by measuring out the width and length of the area to be fenced. This will give you the square footage. Take this information to your nearest landscaping center and they'll help you figure out how many vinyl panels, wood posts, and wood rails you'll need. Typically, posts are spaced six to eight feet apart.

For each hole, put one or two 75-pound bags of powdered quick-setting cement. Soak the hole with water. Place the post in the hole. Use the carpenter's level to make sure it's level. Brace it so that it doesn't move as it dries. Do the same for the following posts making sure they are all level and line up evenly using the string. Allow concrete to completely set before going onto the next step. The time for this can vary depending on humidity levels and temperatures. Drying guidelines are typically posted on the bag of your chosen brand of quick-setting cement. Paint the posts if you would like to have them match the vinyl panels.

Step 2 - Install the Rails

Measure the position of the fence rail brackets. Make sure they're in the same spot on each of the posts to make sure the framework is even and level. As a general guideline, the bottom bracket should be no more than 12 inches from the ground and no less than six inches from the ground. The top rail will be mounted four feet to six feet off the ground depending on the height of your fence.

Paint the rails, if you wish.

Step 3 - Install the Vinyl Lattice Fence Panels

Position the first panel so it's level and perfectly aligned vertically and horizontally. Screw the panel into the rails using just three deck screws to allow you to do any adjustments as necessary. When the panel is properly aligned, fully screw it into the wood rails and then insert fasteners approximately every six inches.

Cut the panels if necessary. Be sure to use a circular saw with vinyl-cutting blade to reduce strain on the vinyl. If you don't have a vinyl blade, you can make a regular blade work by flipping it so it rotates in the opposite direction. This will do a similar thing as a vinyl cutting blade and place less strain on the panels used in a vinyl lattice fence.