How to Build a Wall Bed into a Closet

Lead Image
  • 4-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-1,500
What You'll Need
2 Pine boards, 72X8X 3/4 inch
2 Pine boards, 26x8x 3/4 inch
4 Corner braces
One sheet of plywood, 3/4 x28x72 inch
Piano hinges
Utility hook
1-inch Wood screws
Drill and bits
Sharp utility knife

Having a wall bed can be a very convenient and space saving design. These are especially popular in smaller apartments, lofts, and studios. A Murphy, or closet bed, can be added into any place that needs to utilize all the space provided. Building your own isn’t terribly hard, it just takes patience. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1 - Measure

The first step to this project is to measure both the height and width of your closet door. For our example we will use the most common size for a closet door which is 28x72 inches. If your door measures differently just read through this guide first then make all necessary modifications.

Step 2 - Build a Box

Use your pine boards to create a basic box structure. Just connect the four pine boards together with the braces. Keep the ends 26 inches long and the sides 80 inches long.

Step 3 - Attach the Plywood

cutting a sheet of plywood

Lay the plywood on top of the box and drill a few pilot holes every 10 inches using your drill. Secure the plywood in the proper place using the screws. Make sure it is even and steady before moving on.

Step 4 - Prepare the Closet

You will want to measure the wall on the inside of the closet out 11 inches. Adding this will allow you room for the box and bedding. Use a utility knife to cut back any carpeting that may be on the floor in this space. The surface of the floor needs to be clear, preferably covered in wood. But any flat surface you have under your carpet will work for this.

Step 5 - Attach the Headboard in Place

Use your piano hinge on the bottom of the headboard piece that will eventually be in the closet. Screw the hinge into the wood. Put the headboard on the floor with the side of the hinge against the center point on the floor. Screw this into the floor.

Step 6 - Set up the Bed

white wall bed in the middle of an open white room

Stand the bed on the hinge and mark the point in the wall where you will attach the hook. Screw the hook in place. Unlatch the hook and let the bed lay down. Now you can add any bedding, including the mattress, comforter, and pillows. Close the bed up to ensure a proper fit. Make any adjustments necessary.

Step 7 - Decorative (optional)

If you’ve decided to add any decorative components, you can do this now. Whether you choose to paint the wood, or use a router to give it a decorative edge. Be sure to take the bedding out first so you won’t damage it.