How to Build a Wall Niche

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What You'll Need
Safety goggles
Tape measure
Utility knife
3/4 inch plywood
Hammer and finishing nails
Reciprocating saw

Adding a wall niche can serve as the highlight of the overall theme and design of your home interior. You may use a wall niche to decorate a plain-looking wall, adding pictures, photos, art pieces, and figurines to enhance the overall look. You can install wall niches on any interior part of your home, but you can't add a wall niche on outdoor surfaces, as this may create cold pockets during the winter months.

It is easy to build a wall niche provided that the right tools and materials are used. You may purchase ready-made wall niches at the hardware or home design store, but you will still need a few carpentry skills to properly undertake the procedure.

Step 1 - Measure the Wall Niche

Take measurements of the wall using a tape measure and figure out the best places to fit your wall niche. If you have a ready-made wall niche it would be best to determine the correct size of the wall niche before proceeding with the cutting phase. Take measurements of the height, length, and width of the intended wall niche to ensure a correct fit.

Mark the wall with a pencil and see if the measurements will fit the intended space. It is best to drill a few holes on the wall (where the niche will be placed) to inspect hidden wiring and plumbing lines. You may need the services of a professional electrician or plumber to reroute the wiring.

Step 2 - Score the Outline on the Wall

Use a utility knife to score the outline of the wall and split the paper from the drywall.

Step 3 - Cut the Outline

Use a reciprocal saw to cut the rough outline on the wall. Inspect the opening and determine if the niche or box will fit in place.

Step 4 - Build a Box

Use ¾ inch plywood to build a box that will fit the opening on the wall. This will also be used to frame the inside of the wall niche. Use a strong wood glue to attach the plywood pieces in place and drive a nail to fortify the seal. Use medium grit sandpaper to smooth the surfaces of the box prior to applying paint or stain. You may use optional wood moldings to decorate the edges of the box.

Step 5 - Nail the Box in the Wall Niche

Grab a hammer or nail gun and nail the box onto the niche. Take extra care while doing this to avoid injuries and accidents that may arise from this kind of activity.

A wall niche can significantly add decorative appeal to your interior design. You can use this to complement any existing design in your home. To make your wall niche even more appealing or to create a unique and contemporary look, you may decorate it with carpet linings and other design ideas.