How to Build a Wall-Mounted Quilt Rack

What You'll Need
Quilt rack plan
Dust mask
Circular band and miter saw
Safety glasses
Carpenter's square
Belt sander
Drill bits
Wood glue
Sandpaper (150-grit)

You can design a wall mounted quilt rack to display your quilt in a number of ways. You could choose to display the entire quilt flat, have it folded or you could even have it gathered or pleated. Below is a design for a wall mounted quilt rack you can build at home.

Step 1 - Cut the Wood

Cut two 1x8s to 32 inches. These would be used as vertical uprights. In addition, cut four 1X2s to 26 inches to use as horizontal cross members.

Step 2 - Scribe the Curve

To get a rounded top for the uprights, use the top of an inverted bucket to scribe the round. After this, cut out the rounded ends using the bandsaw. As the blade used is very thin, be careful not to break it by making sharp forceful turns.

Step 3 - Sand the Cut Wood Pieces

using a belt sander to sand a board

Use the belt sander to make the shape of the curves made in Step 2 smooth. For your safety, wear the dust mark and glasses while using the sander.

Step 4 - Holes for Screws

Mark the location of the holes for recessed screws in the center. To find the exact center, use a square. You need to mark the holes at both the top and bottom.

Step 5 - Drill the Pockets

Insert the countersinking bit into the drill and use it to drill 1/4-inch deep pockets. Then drill through the center of the pockets using 1/8-inch bit. These would be used for the screws. Also, drill two holes, at some distance from each other and on the same horizontal line, on rear wood piece to hang on the wall.

Step 6 - Drive the Screws

Take the cross members and drill holes into their ends on the center.

Step 7 - Attach the Pieces

Drive the screws into pilot holes that you made in the previous step. The holes in the verticals will line up with the holes in the cross pieces, securing them together. For the other side, repeat the same procedure.

Step 8 - Paint the Quilt Rack

sponge brush on a table next to can of stain

Use a good quality paint brush to apply polyurethane on the wood. Be careful so that direction of brush movement matches with the grain of the wood.

Step 9 - Dry and Sand

The milky appearance of the paint will turn into a cleaner finish as it dries. After it has dried, lightly rub with fine sandpaper to smooth.

Apply another coat for the finishing touches to your quilt rack after the coat dries.

Step 10 - Drill Holes on the Wall

Drill holes on the wall at the same distance from each other as the holes on the rear wood piece. First, mark the holes and ensure that they are at the same level and distance and then drill them.

Step 11 - Mount the Quilt Rack

Insert screws or nails into the holes drilled into the wall and then hang the quilt rack onto it. Put a quilt on the rack for display.