How to Build a Wall-To-Wall Window Seat

What You'll Need
2x4 Wood
Paint or Stain
Cushions - Made to fit

Constructing a window seat can be a great way of increasing the available space in your room. Learning how to build a wall to wall window seat is actually much easier than many people think. With the right tools and materials available you will be able to construct a window seat in less than a days work.

Step 1 - Planning

The first thing that you need to do is plan and design your window seat. First, make sure that you have enough space from the floor to the bottom of the window so that the window seat will be comfortable. Measure the distance between the two walls, as well as the depth of the window seat.

Step 2 - Construct the Frame

Next you need to cut the pieces of 2x4 into the right size for the frame of the window seat. These can either be mitered or simply butted up to one another, and then screwed and glued together. This will form the frame, which will be the right size to fit between the walls.

Step 3 - Mounting the Brackets

Now you need to fix 2x4 batons onto the wall. Since you are building a window seat in between two walls you have three surfaces where the batons can be mounted. This will provide adequate support for the seat. Make sure that these are mounted at the correct height. Bear in mind that the window seat and cushions will have to be put on this too.

Step 4 - Finishing the Seat

You can now nail on molding around the edge of the window seat at the front. This will provide a better look for the seat. Molding can be chosen so that the seat matches the design in the rest of the room. The rest of the seat can then be stained or painted. By painting the seat you will be able to create a much better finish, and it is also possible to wipe clean the seat if anything gets spilt on it.

Step 5 - Making Cushions

You will now need to make the cushions for your window seat. You can decide to either purchase these from a shop, or alternatively make them yourself. Making cushions isn't difficult. Start by cutting the fabric to the required size, then put them face down on the table. Stitch these sections of fabric together on three sides. Then simply turn the pocket insider out and fill it with stuffing material.

When the cushion is full, stitch the open end shut by hand. Make this as neat as possible, since it will be visible. These cushions can then be placed onto the window seat to make it comfortable.