How to Build a Watch Display Case

What You'll Need
Plywood ( 1/2 " and 1/4 " for the frame & inset, and a larger piece for the bottom of the frame > 2 feet x 1 foot)
Wood stain or paint
Precut pieces of glass
Tape measure
Circular saw
Impact wrench (small 1/4 " recommended)
Wood glue
Cloth of your choice

watch display case is one of the fundamental things to have whether it is to highlight the latest stock of newly acquired watches to the wondering eyes of a customer, or to simply point out the classics to the discerning watch collector. The importance of showcasing such small items to catch the attention of those potential clients cannot be overstated. As the items displayed are small in comparison to the likes of clothes or handbags, it is very important to have a watch display case that is attractive and pleasing to the eye.

There are two main parts in concern for the building of this Watch Display Case - Cutting the Necessary Parts and Constructing the Pieces of the Display Case.

Cutting the Necessary Parts

Step 1 — Measure and Cut

Using a ½-inch piece of plywood, measure and cut a segment 2 feet by 1 foot to be used for the bottom of your display case. For this segment, use a circular saw. After this, measure out and cut yet another segment 2 feet by 2 inches wide. This is for the sides of your case. For the remaining two sides, measure out and cut a segment 11” by 2”.

Step 2 — Measure and Cut for Inset

Using the ¼” piece of plywood, you will need 2 pairs of insets used for holding the glass in place. You will need to cut two segments of 1'11” and ¾” each. After this, cut another two more segments of 10 ½” and 1 ¾”.

Step 3 — Sanding

Sand the edges of the said pieces. You may apply wood stain or any color paint you have pre-selected. Allow the paint or wood stain to dry after applying.

Step 4 — Gathering the Glass

You will have to order or purchase the glass pieces for your display case from your nearest glass supplier. You will require a thickness of ¼” measuring 1'10 7/8” long by 10 7/8” wide. Please ask them to sand down the edges of the glass so they are smooth.

Constructing the Pieces of the Display Case:

Step 1 — Screwing the Frame

Using the pieces from Step 1 — Measure and Cut, arrange the pieces to make a rectangle and screw them together. Using the impact wrench, drive screws through to the end corners. You now have a frame 2 feet by 1 feet with a bottom.

Step 2 — Building the Insets Up

Using the pieces from Step 2 — Measure and Cut for Inset, you will now place the 1'11” pieces inside the case, on the longer 2 feet side. Using the wood glue, stand this inset piece at this border and press the frame border piece and the inset piece together. Repeat this same process to glue together the other three inset pieces on the other borders. After this is done, you will have an inset piece that is ¼” deeper from the outside of the case.

Step 3 — Fitting the Cloth In

Measure and cut your piece of cloth to fit the bottom of your case. Also measure and cut according to the lengths of the side pieces measuring 1 ¾”. Spread the glue over the inner surface and place the cut cloth over glue. Allow the glue to dry.

Step 4 — Setting the Glass

The pieces of glass that you have ordered or purchased will now be ready to be placed and set on the insets of the case. The glass will fit with the top of the four side of the case that you have measured.