How to Build a Window Seat that Doubles as a Desk

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A window seat is a fantastic way to free up some space in your room and add an extra seating area. If the window seat is designed carefully, you can also use it as a desk. Window seats are ideally suited for use in kids' bedrooms. With the right tools and materials, you should be able to easily build your very own window seat bench.

Planning the Design

First, you should measure up your room and make sure that you have enough space for the type of window seat that you are planning. Measure the space between the windows and design your window seat on paper, bearing in mind you will also want to use this as a desk the height is also very important.


Any good desk needs plenty of storage. For this, you can either use flat pack bedroom cabinets which are the right size, or you can make your own using wood planks or MDF. Making your own is a slightly more difficult option however it is much more flexible and allows you any type of design you want.

Making the Seat

The seat itself should be strong and reliable. You should make this out of wooden planks. It's very important that this can take your weight and is also good enough quality for writing on. Once the basic seat has been made you should paint or stain it however you want it to look.

Make this a good surface for writing on by putting cork tiles on the top of the bench. This gives a nice cushioned texture which is perfect for writing and working.

Fixing the Seat to the Wall

You now need to fix the seat to the wall so that it is sturdy and strong enough for sitting and writing. It's also a good idea to leave the bottom of the seat open so that a small desk stool can fit under it. Fix the seat by screwing 2x4" batons onto the wall. The window seat will then be able to easily screw into these. Additional legs are also required to support the entire weight of the seat.

Making the Cushions

Every window seat is unique, and this means that the cushions will also be unique. Measure the size of cushions and choose your fabric. Start by cutting the flat pieces of fabric out and then stitch them together inside out, leaving one end open as a pocket. This will allow you to turn the pocket inside out and fill it with suitable stuffing. Keep in mind to choose a fabric that is tough so that it doesn’t tear easily.

After following all these steps, you should have the perfect window seat which doubles as a fantastic desk.