How to Build a Wine Bar Rack

Wine glasses hanging from a rack in front of an array of wine bottles.
What You'll Need
Glue gun
Measuring tape
Small cabinet
Wine glass hangers

A wine bar can be a great source of entertainment and conversation within a home. Although there are a lot of options out there on the market, you can easily build your own wine bar rack yourself. Follow the simple steps below to effectively build your own wine bar rack.

Step 1 - Pick a Shelf to Use for the Bar

You can use an existing cabinet or shelf system as the frame and top for your wine bar. The key is to choose one that will allow you to put a wine rack in the bottom of it. You also need to have ample room below the wine rack for hanging wine glasses, so determine the height and width accordingly. You can get just about any wood you want because you can always paint or stain it. At this point, focus on form and function instead of facade.

Step 2 - Attach the Wine Rack

Clean out the bottom of the shelving unit that you are going to use for the wine bar. Remove any shelves that may be in the way. Use brackets and screws to attach the wine rack if it is metal. Use nails or glue for wooden racks. You need to secure the back of the wine rack as well as the bottom so there is no movement once the bottles are in place.

Step 3 - Secure the Glass Hangers

Attach the wine glass hangers to the underside of the top of the cabinet. Use screws that will not poke through the top of the shelving unit. This can be dangerous and unattractive. If you can get away with using glue, that may be better. It just depends on the make of your hanger system.

Step 4 - Put on the Finishing Touches

Once you have everything assembled, you can decorate the bar however you like. You can paint it, stain it, put trim around it or even distress it. Consider putting a decorative top on it made out of tile or sleek metal. Work based on the theme in the room where the bar will be. For a rustic look, go with a natural wood stain. For a nautical theme, consider whitewashing or paneling.

Step 5 - Fill Your Wine Bar

Put your wine, glasses, and accessories in the wine bar. If you have a large collection of wine, you may consider putting a wine cellar somewhere in your house. You might also consider putting in a full wet bar or beer fridge to go along with your new wine bar. Now, with just a little effort, you have the perfect entertainment piece for your home.