How to Build a Wood Work Table

What You'll Need
2x4 lumber
Assorted 1x6, 1x8, 1x10 and/or 1x12 lumber
Heavy duty wood screws
Power drill
Miter saw or circular saw
Tape measure
3 Inch wood screws

By using an assortment of all solid wood you can make a wood work table for use in your garage or home shop. No expert skill is required. The only things you will need are the pieces of lumber, a few tools and materials, and the space to work. Once built, your wood work table will provide you with solid surface on which to engage in all types of projects, from crafts to cabinetry. 

Step 1: Gather the Lumber

The key to the successful building of a wood work table is having the right lumber in the right amounts. You will need 2x4 lumber in enough quantity to make 4 legs and 2 side braces. In addition, 2 equal strips of 1x4 are required for the front and back facade/braces. Lastly, you need enough 1x6, 1x8, 1x10 or 1x12 in whatever combination to make the top. These pieces should all be long enough to span the length of the table. The table may only be as long as the shortest piece of top material. 

Step 2: Cut Lumber for the Legs

Cut 4 equal lengths of 2x4 lumber for the legs. Determine the appropriate height of the table before you do. Measure the lengths and mark on the 2x4s with a pencil to indicate where to cut. If using a circular saw, use a T-square to draw a straight line to mark the path of the cuts. Next, cut 2 equal lengths of 2x4. These are the side braces. They will be positioned horizontally and represent the width of the table. 

Step 3: Attach Long Tabletop Pieces to the Side Braces

Lay the 2 side braces on end on the work surface the approximate distance they will be apart. Lay the combination of long tabletop pieces onto the braces. Make sure edges are flush and level before attaching the long pieces to the top of the braces at either end. Use 3-inch wood screws. The braces may be right at the edge of the long pieces or there may be some overlap. 

Step 4: Assemble the Legs

Lay the assembled tabletop on its topside so the braces face up. Take the 4 equal 2x4s for the legs and position 2 on either side. They will attach to the outside of the braces at the ends, the top of legs overlapping the ends of the braces. Make sure the legs are perfectly perpendicular to the braces before attaching. Set 3 3-inch wood screws

Step 5: Attach Front and Back Brace/Facade Pieces

The last pieces to attach are the front and back braces or facades. Use 1x6 for these pieces. They should be equal in length to the tabletop pieces. Turn the table onto one long side and set the 1x6 flush against the top edge. It should cover the long edge of the tabletop as well as a portion of the leg/brace joint. Set one screw into the front piece attaching it to the tabletop wood. Set a second screw below the first attaching the wood to one of the joined 2x4s. Do this on the other side as well. Flip the table over and do the same for the backside.