How to Build a Wooden Deck Storage Box

What You'll Need
Table saw
Galvanized nails
Piano hinge
Tape measure
Waterproof glue

Having good deck storage space is essential in all homes for keeping gardens and backyards neat and tidy. A deck storage box should be sufficient for storing all kinds of garden tools and pool equipment. This kind of storage is ideal, as it not only keeps backyards and gardens neat, but also helps to find important tools faster and keeps them safe from different weather elements. Here are a few simple steps that will help you build your very own deck storage box.

Step 1: Cut the Sides of the Box

The first step to building a deck storage box is cutting the sides of the box. You will need six sides in total; two for the top and bottom and four for all around. Measure the plywood first with a measure tape and then cut it using the table saw. The size of your deck box completely depends on your needs. It could either be rectangular or squared in shape, according to your preferences. If it is a rectangular box, four pieces will be of the same measurement while the other two will be smaller. If it is a square one, all six pieces will be the same.

Step 2: Attach the Pieces Together

After you have finished cutting the pieces of plywood, fix them together. Start by fixing the sides to the bottom piece. Remember to use waterproof glue on the joints first as it would make your deck storage box more durable. Drive the galvanized nails into the sides to further secure the construction. When all the sides have been attached, it will leave you with an opening on the top and a spare piece of plywood.

Step 3: Fix the Cover

After attaching the sides, you will then have to attach the top of the storage box. This will be the opening to the box, so remember to cut this piece according to the size of the opening. Screw one side of the piano hinge onto the lid and the other side on the inside of the box. This will leave you with a box lid that can be pulled upwards and put down again.

You might want to attach legs to your storage box so that it does not affect the appearance of your wooden deck. For doing this, cut blocks of wood of the same size. Turn the storage box over and fix the legs on the box with waterproof glue and nails.

You can also fix pieces of rubber or metal to the lower end of the legs to prevent the wood from getting affected by water. When you turn the box over, you will have a deck storage box on legs. You can use polish to give it a more dressy appearance or paint it with a contrasting colour to your deck. This will surely make your deck storage box stand apart.