How to Build a Wooden Kids Chair

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Paper and pencil
Architect's curves for drawing
Carpenter's square
2 sheets of 3/4 -inch plywood per chair, 4x4 feet
Wood glue
Wood clamps
Craft glue
Matte acrylic artists' paint, various colors
Thick and narrow brushes
12 wood screws 1 1/4 -inch long
Fabric of your choice, 1 square yard
Scroll blade jigsaw
Power drill and bits
Eye goggles

Adding a wooden kids chair to your children's playroom or bedroom will make them feel more grown-up. It also provides them a solid comfortable place to sit aside from the bed and the floor, and to host their guests when they come to play. Follow these directions to make 1 or more inexpensive wooden kid's chairs for your children or to give as a gift.

Step 1: Measure and Cut the Plywood for Sides, Back and Seat

Draw a curved shape on the plywood using architect's curves. Cut the plywood into a curved top. Make the top of both sides identical, but keep the bottom of each plywood plank square and straight. The sides should be about 28 inches high and 18 inches deep when finished.

Use the leftover plywood to make the back and seat. Measure the seat to be 12 inches deep and 24 inches wide, and cut the chair back to be 1 inch wider than the seat width. The back should be 16 inches long, from the top of the sides to where the seat will be attached (28 inches minus 12 inches above the floor).

Step 2: Attach the Seat to the Side Panels

Lay 1 side panel on the floor. Measure up 12 inches from the base of the side panel and draw the support line for the seat. Cut a ¾-inch wide support dowel from the plywood and screw it to the side panel. Repeat the dowel process on the other side panel, checking everything is level before you install the seat.

Set the seat on the side panel dowels, then move the side panels out 1/8-inch on each side. Screw the seat to the dowels and to the side panels for added strength.

Step 3: Attach the Back to the Sides

Fit the side panels into the back by notching the back from the top of the side panels to where the seat is attached. Make the notches 13/16 inch wide. Apply wood glue to the back and side panels and fit the side panels into the back notches. Clamp the frame panels overnight, then screw together, using 3 screws per side to attach the back.

Step 4: Add Fabric to the Seat

Coat the seat and its visible edges with craft glue. Lay a fabric piece 25x12½ inches on it. Fold the fabric over the seat edges at the front and sides, and press down so it is flat and smooth.

Step 5: Paint the Chair

With help from the chair owner, splash and brush the acrylic artists medium all over the chair as desired. If you prefer, draw a design beforehand and transfer it with pencil and paint to the side panels. The result will be a throne fit for your king or queen, sturdy and nearly indestructible.