How to Build a Wooden Ladder Pot Rack

Most of you may have seen or heard about ladders turned into bookshelves, but you’ve probably never thought of building a wooden ladder pot rack. Now that you know it’s possible, why not to make your own? A pot rack will make your kitchen look beautiful and organized. Check this article out to find out how to make one. 

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Wooden ladder
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Chain
  • S-hooks
  • Ceiling hooks
  • Stud finder
  • Paint
  • Prime
  • Electric drill 

Step 1 - Choose the Ladder

Measure the area where you plan to hang the pot rack (like over the kitchen island or counter). Find a ladder that fits there. If you get a larger one, you can trim it. Choose the ladder depending on the style you want to give your kitchen, or one that fits with the current style. It can be a vintage one, so if you or anyone you know has an old and unused ladder, get it. Otherwise, buy one at a flea market. 

Step 2 - Trim the Ladder

If the ladder is too long, you’ll need to trim it to the appropriate size. If you don’t feel comfortable with a saw, get someone to help you. Follow safety measures and remember to leave both ends equal. If the cuts are irregular, you can file the ends with sandpaper to smooth them. 

Step 3 - Paint the Ladder

If a vintage pot rack doesn’t work for you, you can paint it. Sand the ladder’s surface and then apply primer. When the primer dries, paint the ladder with the chosen color. 

Step 4 - Choose the Height for the Pot Rack

Measure the height you want the pot rack to hang from the ceiling. This will be useful to determine the length of the chain that will support the ladder. 

Step 5 - Buy the Chain and S-hooks

Purchase 4 sections of chain of the chosen size. It has to be strong enough to support not only the ladder weight, but also the weight of the items you’ll hang on it. When buying the S-hooks, check that they fit around your ladder rungs. 

Step 6 - Screw Eyehooks on the Ceiling

Screw 4 eyehooks into the ceiling joists. If you don’t know where these are located, use the stud finder to locate them. Before screwing in the hooks, use a drill to make holes at positions where the ladder will be attached. They have to be the same distance apart as the distance of the ladder’s outer rungs. Screw the hooks tight into the holes. 

Step 7 - Hang the Ladder

Attach 1 S-hook to each end of the chains. Then, attach 2 of these to each outer rung of the ladder. Attach as many S-hooks on the free rungs as you need to for hanging your kitchen utensils. Finally, attach the free S-hooks of the chains onto the hooks in the ceiling. 

Now you’ve got a lovely and affordable pot rack, made out of a ladder. At this point, you can start hanging your pots.