How to Build a Wooden Patio Privacy Screen

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Post hole digger or shovel
Spray paint
4-by-4 pretreated wooden posts, 8 feet long
Standard size prefabricated lattice wood work sheets
1-by-4 inch pretreated boards
Drilling machine
Galvanized nails
4-by-4 post caps
Concrete, water
Commercial sealant or exterior paint

A patio privacy screen is a great idea if you have neighbors living very close or want to enjoy personal gatherings, cookouts or family time free from prying eyes. This weekend project is very simple and does not require any building experience. Lattice privacy screens work best to provide privacy around patio, maintain air flow and enhance the beauty of your space. Follow these steps to make a wooden privacy patio screen that is 6 feet tall.  

 Step 1 – Select Location

Decide where you want your privacy fence made and clear the area of any stones, rocks and debris. Remove any plants growing in its way. Locate the corners of your fence.

Step 2 – Mark and Dig Posts Holes

Measure the distance from one end of the lattice work sheet to the other. Measure this distance on the ground and mark the corners with spray paint. Using a motorized posthole digger, dig a hole at least two inches deep and an inch wide at the corners.

Mark and dig more holes if the area you need to fence is long and requires more than one sheet of lattice wood work.

Step 3 – Install the Posts

Install your 4-by-4 posts vertically into each hole, aiming to keep at least 6 feet above ground. Use a hoe to mix concrete and water in a wheelbarrow and pour the thick consistency around the posts to secure them firmly into the ground. Tamp with a stick to ensure it is level.  Make sure the tops of the posts are in line with each other by using a level and a tight string, but adjust the posts if your fence is placed on a sloped area. Allow the concrete to set for a day before resuming your work.

Step 4 – Cut and Install Lattice Screens

Prefabricated lattice wood work sheets come in a standard size of 4 feet by 8 feet, so you need to trim them down according to the length of your support posts.  Hold each screen upwards in line with the top of the posts and drill it with galvanized nails. Make sure the top edge of the screen is even with the edge of the posts.

Repeat this process with all your lattice sheets.

Step 5 – Cover the Nails and Posts

Use strips of 1-by-4 inch wooden boards vertically to cover the nails and protect the edges of the lattice screens. Purchase 4-by-4 post caps in any shape and put them over your posts to help extend their life and add a nice finished touch to your screen.

Step 6 – Apply Sealant or Paint

Once your privacy fence is installed, apply a few coats of sealant or exterior paint to protect it from the weather and extend its life.