How to Build a Wooden Shelf

What You'll Need
Small pine wood sheet
Tongue and groove pine
Hand saw
Measuring tape
Screws and nails
Wood glue
Trimming knife

If you buy a common wooden shelf it will cost you around $50 to $80 and generally, these shelves will not be very strong to last for very long. However, using some common tools and some knowledge, you can easily build your own wooden shelf and thus, you will have the liberty to decide how strong you want it to be depending on the type of wood you choose to work with. Here are some steps to follow and the required tools to build your own wooden shelf.

Step 1 – Cutting the Frame Pieces

Firstly, you need to create four wooden frames which will give strength to the shelf from both top and bottom and will also give strength to the added shelves. Cut the ends of your wooden frames from the pine wood sheet. Use the measuring tape to measure the size of the width and height of your shelf and cut the frame pieces using a hand saw. It is really important to get the ends of the frame pieces as square as possible so make sure to cut them accurately. Once you have cut the frame's material, drill the ends of each piece to get them ready for assembly.

Step 2 – Build the Frame

Use some wood glue to get the pieces of the frames together and then drill some screws in the holes to secure them firmly together. Now you should have the top and bottom frames ready to hold the whole structure of the wooden shelf.

Step 3 – Assemble the Tongue and Groove Boards

The number of boards that you need depends on the size of the shelf. However, you should cut the tongue of one of the boards since it is going to be at the end top. You can do so by fitting the groove of the board in the tongue of another to use it as a guide to trim the edge with the trimming knife. After cutting the tongue from both sides, twist the board and the tongue will break off cleanly. Then use a piece of sandpaper to sand the edge. At this point you can assemble the tongue and groove boards and use a piece of waste timber to protect the end top edge from the hammer.

Step 4 – Set Up The Shelf

Insert the back of the shelf created from the tongue and groove boards in the previously created frames and then set up the sides of the shelf using another tongue and groove pine board on both sides. Use two other tongue and groove boards to create the top and bottom of the shelf and then screw everything together.

Step 5 – Create the Shelves

Measure the height of your shelves and then place the remaining two frames in the inside of the wooden shelf. Screw the shelves with the sides of the wooden shelf and then simply insert a board of tongue and groove pine on both frames. Use some nails and hammer them to fasten the shelves with the frames.

Now you should have a great wooden shelf which is well-built and very strong indeed. Moreover, the frames under the shelves will act as a support and will prevent the shelves from starting to bend in the future