How to Build a Wooden Small Bird Cage

What You'll Need
Paper and pencil
Measuring tape and ruler
Wood pieces for the frame
Wood glue
Hammer and nails
Wooden rods or dowels
Hinge and hook for hanging

A small bird cage can be a great addition to any home and is particularly useful if you plan to keep birds in your house. Still, many people have found decorative uses for bird cages without keeping birds as pets. If you do plan to have pet birds in your cage, you'll need to ensure that the cage is about four times the height of your bird and that it is wide enough for the bird to fully stretch out its wings without hitting the sides. Read on for a brief guide on how to build a small bird cage out of wood.

Step 1 -- Design the Bird Cage

Before you begin to construct the cage, it's important to first consider the design of the cage. Draw out potential designs on paper and continue to experiment until you find something that you like. Keep the size requirements of the cage in mind, and also consider whether you want to have the cage hanging from the ceiling or from a wall, or if you want to mount it on a table or another type of stand. Consider also where you'll place the cage in your home, as this may have an impact on the size and design.

Step 2 -- Construct the Frame

Next, construct the frame according to your design. Find wooden pieces that are suitable in size for the walls of the cage, and make sure that they are smooth by sanding them down. A circular piece of wood should serve as the base. Hammer nails through the underside of the base and into the wooden pieces that stand vertically to build the foundation of the cage. Another rounded piece of wood can serve as the roof of the cage. The vertical pieces should be close enough together that your bird cannot escape the cage.

Step 3 -- Build the Door and Install Perches

In order to make your cage easier to work with and a better environment for your bird, leave an opening where the door will be. Build the door separately by constructing a square frame of wood and lining it with vertical pieces. Attach the hinge to one of the edges of this frame and then attach the door to the opening in the cage wall. Ensure that it will close and stay shut properly.

Before you install the roof of the cage, use wood glue to install wooden dowels at various heights throughout the cage. These dowels should be horizontal and can attach to the inside of the cage walls to serve as perches.

Step 4 -- Complete the Top of the Cage

Affix the top of the cage to the vertical cage wall slats with a hammer and nails. If you plan to hang the cage from the ceiling, install the hook in the center of the top of the cage.