How to Build a Wooden Storage Shed with Used Wood

Rustic wood shed with padlock on the door
  • 8-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-1,000
What You'll Need
2x4-inch Boards
Roofing material
Hammer or Nail gun
Concrete blocks

A wooden storage shed can provide you with a great place to store your extra items when you do not have room in the house. Building one with used or reclaimed wood is eco-friendly and can save you quite a bit of money. Follow the simple steps below to effectively construct your own wood shed with used materials.

Step 1 - Collect the Wood

To begin, collect the appropriate wood for the job. Check with big box stores for used materials or ask demolition or construction sites for reclaimed wood. Some may even give pieces to you for free or at discount cost.

Step 2 - Prepare the Foundation

You need to work on a solid foundation. Start out by smoothing out the ground with a shovel. If you have access to a tractor or other heavy equipment, use it to speed up the process. Once you have a level surface to work on, you can use concrete blocks to create a foundation. You can also pour concrete, but concrete blocks are generally quicker and easier to use.

Step 3 - Build the Floor

hardwood flooring

On top of the foundation, you need to build a floor for the structure. You can do this by using 2x4-inch boards and then putting plywood on top of them. Nail the plywood down so you have a solid flooring structure.

Step 4 - Frame the Shed

Next, you need to build a frame. Use the boards to build a cube frame for the shed. Once you have the outer corners made, go along the walls and nail 2x4-inch planks into place.

Step 5 - Enclose the Shed

Use the plywood to enclose the shed. You will need to nail sheets of plywood to the outside walls and to the top of the shed to create a basic shed structure with a flat roof. You could also create an angled roof if you want to build wood rafters. You also need to install the door in the front of the structure.

Step 6 - Finish the Roof

Row of sheds

Start out by applying roofing felt to the roof, nailing it down to the plywood. This will create an extra layer to protect the shed from the weather. On top of that, install roofing material like shingles or rolled asphalt. For a flat shed roof, one of the best options is a rubber roof. It will not leak as easily as other materials.

Step 7 - Finish Up

After you have built the structure of the shed, you need to finish the exterior with a special outdoor waterproof paint. You may need to sand the wood to make it smooth enough to paint. Finally, apply the paint with a paintbrush or a roller.