How to Build Adjustable Storage Shelves

What You'll Need
Saw, Manual or Electric
Electric Drill
Palm Sander
Wood Glue
Work Bench
Safety Goggles
Spool rule
Marine Plywood, 1/4 inch
Wooden Dowel, 1/8-inch
2 1x12 wooden planks, smooth and kiln-dried, 60 inches long
7 1x12 wooden planks, smooth and kiln-dried, 36 inches long
Wood Screws, 2 1/2 -inches long,
Finishing Nails, 1 1/2 -inches
Brackets and screws
Wood stain/Finishing

Having ample storage shelves is very important to keep your home well organized and relatively clutter free. Adjustable storage shelves are especially useful if you want to store things of different shapes and sizes. Note that these types of shelves can be adjusted to accommodate the height and width of certain materials, so you can easily cram things into these shelves and free your home from clutter. Building adjustable storage shelves is relatively easy, so you need not call the handyman to do the job. To build a 5-foot high adjustable storage shelf, follow the guide below.  

Step 1 – Get the Work Area Ready

Get enough space, especially for cutting the plywood. Assign a space for your electric saw and drill, to ensure you don’t get tangled with the cord or turn them on accidentally.

Step 2 – Cut the Plywood and Prepare the Shelf Parts

Cut the plywood to 60-inches by 38-inches. This will serve as your cabinet back-side enclosure. On the 60-inch long wooden planks, drill pilot holes 2-inches from the corner edges for the screws. Do this on all 4 corners. These long wooden planks will serve as the sidings for the shelf frame.

Take 2-pieces of the 36-inch short wooden planks. Drill the same pilot holes ½-inch deep at the center of both ends, 2-inches from either end. The trick here is to do a guide hole for when you later screw the sidings into the top and bottom part of the over-all shelf frame.

Draw 2 parallel lines 2 1/2-inches from either side of the long wooden plank. Drill 1/8-inch diameter holes, spaced at 2-inches, along the lines from top to bottom. Do this to both planks. To these holes you will insert the wooden dowels which the adjustable shelf planks will rest on. Cut the wooden dowel at a 1 inch length. Make 20-pieces of these dowels.

Sand the loose portions of wood and smooth them out. Apply your preferred wood stain or finishing. Let this dry.

Step 3 – Assemble the Shelf Parts

Take the long wooden plank, and the top and bottom 36-inch long planks, and assemble these into a rectangular frame, by applying wood glue and screwing the ends of the long planks into the short planks where the pilot holes meet. Make sure that the series of holes are located at the inner side of the frame. Turn over the frame to expose the backside. Nail the marine plywood to the backside.

Stand the frame against the wall. Drill and place brackets at the 4 corners of the plywood backside, and 1 at either side in the middle, to fix the frame into the wall. Place the wooden dowels at each 2 opposing holes, and place on top the topmost wooden plank. Do this to the 4 other planks.